Burry Jesus in your heart

Yesterday I have experienced literally and figurative a very moving meditation which I want to share with you. After completing an intense physical exercise I had an experience of total bliss. I had visions of cosmic and cellular pathways, infinite speed and I had a strong feeling like I was going home. In the next image I was lying on the floor and my perfect lover came towards me. She was coming to me from afar and came closer to caress me. When she finally lay upon me, we made love and we melted into one. I realised that she was my higher self. I experienced a sense of great pleasure, joy, and I was touched.

In this moment of oneness I felt an enormous love for myself. I told myself how proud I was of myself and I made a pledge to treat my body as a temple. I said it, but it felt as if my higher self spoke these truly loving words to me. It felt like I finally came home after a long hard journey.

Then in the back of my head a softly tune from Johann Sebastian Bach´s Matthäus-Passion appeared. It was ´Mache dich mein herze rein´ with the lyrics ´I want to bury Jesus myself´. At first I did not recognise the tune, but when it got louder I did and I began to sing these words. This moved me even to a deeper level. I felt as if in the hieros gamos with my higher self, first my ego had to pass away in order to make space for my higher self. I lovingly buried the corpse of my ego while singing: ´Let it pass away´. I thanked it for where it brought me. After making space, there was a second burial. This time it was the lovingly burial of my higher self inside my heart. Again I felt joy and bliss and was deeply touched, but this time in a much deeper level. It was like I connected to the experience of human consciousness.

After this experience, now I feel as if I have a much deeper understanding and appreciation of this beautiful piece of music. First, I had to purify my heart in order to make space in order to receive my higher self inside of me. The need to bury Jesus by one self for me symbolizes accepting Love inside my heart.

“Mache dich, mein Herze, rein,
ich will Jesum selbst begraben.
Denn er soll nunmehr in mir
für und für
seine süße Ruhe haben.
Welt, geh aus, laß Jesum ein!
Mache dich…”

Understand symbolism and be free

Yesterday a friend told me that he was going to investigate symbology. Great! I have a passion for symbols. For me this is the language of the subconscious and it helps me to understand deeper layers of my meditations. But what struck me that he said as if it was something weird or to be ashamed of. I said to him that symbology is all around us and is being greatly misused by marketeers. Advertisements try to seduce you to give you a certain feel in order to sell a completely unrelated product. They do this by using words, sounds, images. Luckily there is no smel tv yet! When you understand symbology you are easily able to subconsciously distinguish between the symbols and the products which they want to sell. So for this reason alone i would advise people to study symbols. The other reason I would give that it is fascinating and fun