Revisiting Madonna’s classic ‘Like a Virgin’

I believe that this song is not just about a girl meeting some cute, well endowed guy. The explanation in Resevoir Dogs that it is about a girl reexeriencing the physical pain of being deflowered is also not convincing to me. Looking at the fairy tale like clip, travelling from New York to Venice, with a lion and Madonna in white, I see clear hints of symbolism. The lion and the virgin in white can be seen on the Tarot card Strength. A card in which intiution overcomes the animal instincts. I think that this song is about a girl who has discovered a complete different way of making love. Transcended from a mere physical level and arisen to a level of spiritual unification. A tantric, Hieros Gamos-like experience which made her feel whole, new and pure again. The result is not that she is returned to the inexperienced virgin she once was. Rather she is transformed to the virgin Goddess Heba regaining her viginity every time after bathing in the Kalathas spring. Or, in Madonna’s case, after visiting Venice šŸ™‚

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