Grow with the flow!

New Year resolutions – a Tarot perspective to grow with the flow.
Every year we are invited from all kinds of directions to make our New Year resolutions. A new year, a fresh start, a new me, right?! But most of us also have experienced that these initially optimistic resolutions often do not succeed. As a result, many people have become therefore sceptic about New Year resolutions. They won’t work anyway! From the Tarot there is an interesting view on this, which I would like to share with you. Many people know the Tarot cards merely as a fortune telling device. Less people know that the Tarot is a symbolic language of the subconscious which is deeply linked to the Hermetic tradition. For example, the small Arcana consisting of 36 cards is divided over the year basis, amongst others, planet and constellation attribution. These cards symbolically depict an energy which is dominant at a certain period of the year. What is interesting is that in the current period of the year, 31 Dec to 9 Jan, Three of Pentacles rules. This is the planet Mars under the constellation of Capricorn. Three of Pentacles is called Lord of Material Works and is THE card for manifestation. And as such changing your personal behaviour. In this sense this card connects remarkable well to New Year Resolutions. Personally, I experienced it this morning when out of the blue I took my running gear and started running (which was already a long time ago…🙂. So, if this is indeed a period for personal change, why do so many New Year resolutions fail? On the one hand, this card makes it easy to manifest behaviour: this can either be good or bad! So you might find in these days that bad / old habits also arise in your daily routine. This is a period of cleanup time for these habits. Changing your behaviour therefore also means choosing. If you make a choice for something new, you also need to face old habits. Secondly, making a first step does not mean that you will automatically be a changed person. You will need to work and integrate this new habit into your personal life. For this reason there are 35 more cards divided over the year! Every card has its own qualities, each of them symbolizing and utilising a dominant energy in that given period. When you work with them over the course of a year, you will find that you will be able to change your behaviour with remarkable ease and results. ‘Remarkable ease’, I hear you say? Of course! The ancients knew which energy flows were dominant at which times and symbolized this in the Tarot cards. By working with these energies, they were able to achieve great results. So don’t be scared to take on a New Year resolution and to grow with the flow!

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