Unbreakable love

To me, love lives inside the heart. It is a magical energy which cannot be grabbed or caged. We can only love unconditionally for what is true to us. We cannot look back and investigate if it is still there or still of worth. It will be gone then. When you love here on earth, your love will be tested from many different angles. People may challenge, make jokes, and even insult something which you love dearly. The challenge is not between you and them. The challenge is inside you: how big is your love? Ideally, nothing which can happen or which someone can do can make you fatler in your love or can make you feel hurt. Yesterday we all have been tested greaty on this and personally I became angry. But our challenge now is to go to our hearts and see what love really means for us. Although we cannot touch it, can it really be challenged, harmed or hurt? When you realise that it cannot, then you will find the strength in yourself to forgive and feel pity for those who were not able to find this realisation.

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