Paradox of flow

Paradox of flow
In the past I thought that flow was connected to an outer manifestation of flow. I defined making a circel wth your arms as flow and going up and down with your arm as staccato. Now I realise that flow comes from within. It is the intention to which you move. You can make a circle with your arms being tense and you can make a staccato movement which looks sharp without tension. The Gurdjieff Movements are all about non-tension Movements. But in order to practise this they are filled with many staccato movements! Movements in flow, without tension, are non-mechanical movements. These are conscious movements by your Will. The Movements are physical, emotional and intelletual challenges in order to remain in flow and attentive in all circumstances which life can demand from us.

  • myth of sisyphus – would he be able to carry the rocks in flow and without effort?

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