What is the X-factor?

The X-factor are events which touch people at their deepest core in ways that they cannot ratiorally explain. The reason why X-factor events are able to touch people so deeply is that they follow the hidden laws of the universe. People who are not conscious of these laws explain the world as a set of coincidental events. They would explain the X-factor as small miracles. But in fact X-factor events break the shell of our daily ego and remind us that we are part of a bigger universe filled with beauty and love. People who know these laws (like Hermetists and Cabbalists) would be able to consciously understand X-factor events. They would look at such an event and might say: this is a well exercised ritual. They would know this as they are consciously trying to create X-factor events themselves. 🙂

What dreams may come

Een wonder zoals Baron von Munchhausen zichzelf uit het moeras trok. Maar een groter wonder is het wanneer iemand een ander uit het moeras kan trekken.

Yesterday I watched ‘What dreams may come’ again. I have seen this movie quite some times already, but still I cried on a regular basis watching it. Especially when in the Afterlife the main character is not able to recognise his own children because he is still preoccupied with his own image of his children. In flashbacks of their defining moments, he gradually sees them for who they really are and only then he is able to see them in heaven. In our daily life we just seem to be to preoccupied with other important stuff… This wonderful move argues on many levels that, ultimately, love does not follow any rules. (Sometimes when you win, you lose. Sometimes when you lose, you win). And I find this a very hope giving message. We can think all that we want to, we can inhibit all illusions, but in the end love is patient and shall prevail. This movie rings very true to me. I shall believe.

Heavenly desire

Yesterday I went Sufi whirling with a group of people and it has been a while since I went. Before we started and were drinking tea, someone called me a lost whirler. To be honest I didn’t know what I had lost or missed. But, when ready to start dancing and the first song started, I remembered. I connected with such an old and intense longing and tenderness. It struck me that for the last months I have not experienced such a deep tenderness. Now I realised what the Sufi’s mean with being drunk with love for God. This tender longing makes me whirl and dance. Nothing to win, prove or lose. No expectations. Just desire.

Sire! I dance for thee!
In heavenly desire.

Yesterday I had this beautiful song in my head. No expectations. But for me with a different intention. Not in the sense of sorrow and loss. But in the sense of how sweet longing and desire can be when you let go of expectations. It is interesting to listen to the lyrics with the latter intention in mind.

About the role of intellect in spirituality

About the role of intellect in spirituality.
Without inner discourse and reasoning you are lost on the restless waters of daily events. You are subject to influences coming from outside. You are not able to remain passive or actively resist something when needed. You react automatically and do not break the chain of events.
Currently there are quite some spiritual movements where the role of the intellect is lost. Intellect is ego. It is either the past or the future, but not Now. Live in the moment and get rid of your Intellect! But the challenge with spirituality is how to separate the gross from the fine. ‘Simple’ rejection is duality. So how can you integrate intellect into your daily life? You need to be able to serve your higher goals, rather than your lower interests. To be able to accept lessons from teachers, although you not yet understand them. And to know each moment when it is time again to kill the Buddha on the road and to make your own choice.

About the importance of clear communication

I learned a lot about clear communication from salsa dancing. If i would not lead (show what i wanted – clear communication) the woman would just do as she pleased. Only with a strong frame and clear indications of my movements (at the right moment!) the woman would do what I wanted. And even then sometimes not. I realized that mistakes can be a great source of humor and inspiration of becoming conscious of what you are doing. Salsa is clear communication because you feel with direct body contact what the other person wants. Verbal communication is much less clear. What is more is that people often do not speak their mind. And still expect the other to understand them. With salsa, when i don’t indicate a move, nothing happens. It is clear that i am to blame when the lady does not do anything. In some spiritual wisdom traditions it is the goal not to respond at all. ‘If you cannot understand the meaning of life from all what is around you, you are not yet enlightened and hence you are a shitty salsa dancer.’ Also there is the tendency to be too polite to the other when communicating. ‘Excuse me, but you stepped on my foot.’ When this continues to happen, you must become more clear in your communication. As an end result I often repeat behavior of others, just to get my point across. And there are quite some crooked toes out there, I can tell you! When someone fails to understand you, you need to speak up and drop the everyday politeness. But this does not mean that you should disrespect the other. Communication is like a salsa dance. Often a dance starts rusty, but with proper communication there a good chances that it turns into a joyful experience instead of a lot of frustration.

The road to Hell is paved with incompetent people having good intentions.

‘The road to Hell is paved with good intentions’
Het maakt niet uit wat je doet, zolang je intentie maar goed is, zeg ik de laatste tijd vaak tegen mezelf. Maar hoezo is de weg naar de hel dan gevuld met goede intenties? Dat is om de naïeve christelijke notie dat het niet uitmaakt wat je doet, zolang je het maar goed bedoeld. En dat is natuurlijk niet juist. Iemand kan bijvoorbeeld met de beste bedoelingen van de wereld benzine tanken in een dieselauto. Met goede intenties kan de weg naar de hel alleen voorkomen worden wanneer je weet wat je doet en hoe iets werkt. Totdat je weet wat je doet kun je maar beter even niets doen.
De uitdrukking moet dus zijn: ‘The road to Hell is paved with incompetent people having good intentions.’