About the role of intellect in spirituality

About the role of intellect in spirituality.
Without inner discourse and reasoning you are lost on the restless waters of daily events. You are subject to influences coming from outside. You are not able to remain passive or actively resist something when needed. You react automatically and do not break the chain of events.
Currently there are quite some spiritual movements where the role of the intellect is lost. Intellect is ego. It is either the past or the future, but not Now. Live in the moment and get rid of your Intellect! But the challenge with spirituality is how to separate the gross from the fine. ‘Simple’ rejection is duality. So how can you integrate intellect into your daily life? You need to be able to serve your higher goals, rather than your lower interests. To be able to accept lessons from teachers, although you not yet understand them. And to know each moment when it is time again to kill the Buddha on the road and to make your own choice.

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