What dreams may come

Een wonder zoals Baron von Munchhausen zichzelf uit het moeras trok. Maar een groter wonder is het wanneer iemand een ander uit het moeras kan trekken.

Yesterday I watched ‘What dreams may come’ again. I have seen this movie quite some times already, but still I cried on a regular basis watching it. Especially when in the Afterlife the main character is not able to recognise his own children because he is still preoccupied with his own image of his children. In flashbacks of their defining moments, he gradually sees them for who they really are and only then he is able to see them in heaven. In our daily life we just seem to be to preoccupied with other important stuff… This wonderful move argues on many levels that, ultimately, love does not follow any rules. (Sometimes when you win, you lose. Sometimes when you lose, you win). And I find this a very hope giving message. We can think all that we want to, we can inhibit all illusions, but in the end love is patient and shall prevail. This movie rings very true to me. I shall believe.

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