Why Bowie always kept changing – he was guiding the way

Pt1. Today, as most people will agree, an icon of our modern pop culture has passed away. David Bowie, the artist who continued to amaze everyone until his last days by reinventing himself completely on a regular basis.

Many fans have been intrigued by Bowie and his ever changing appearance while always remaining distinctly Bowie. ‘Bowie never shied away from using his work as a sort of ‘art therapy’. Bowie’s career is full of symbolic clothes, postures and many references to esoteric and alchemical imagery. And rest for sure: it is no coincidence that Bowie has used archetypical imagery for decades.

There are many references and documentation to be found about the occult interests of Bowie. But Bowie was not only reading about esoteric knowledge. He used his artistic skills to turn himself into archetypes himself as much as possible. He then explored these personalities in depth and turned his insights into songs, albums and stage persona. With the invocations of these archetypical images he surpassed his ego to become something greater. And the moment when the archetype had nothing new to teach him, he moved on to another journey.

And why would he do this, you might ask? Well, the Tree of Life from the Qabalah explains ten spheres of evolution. These spheres are connected by 22 paths, which are associated with the 22 archetypical cards of the major arcana of the tarot. Each archetypical card has its own mystical insight to learn and when all lessons are learned, you achieve Nirvana. I personally believe that Bowie was on a quest to discover as many archetypical parts of himself as possible in this life.

And this is why I am touched by the passing away of David Bowie. Because by engulfing yourself with archetypical images in this way, you also need to confront your dark sides and fears and to incorporate them into yourself.

As a result, he was a beacon of light to many. As a pop star, with his own personal development, he took his fans with him on his quest and initiated them along the way. He was paving the way for many people and groups. For example, by mentioning to be gay publicly in 1972 only shortly when homosexuality was decriminalized in the UK. But also at the end of his life, he has been leading us by becoming something like a modern day Gnostic messiah in a time of dying Christianity.

Thanks for guiding the direction home to us, David!

Pt2. Een paar jaar geleden was ik bij 50 jaar Bowie in Paradiso. Veel mooie nummers en acts, maar Vijf jaar van Roosbeef raakte mij het meest. Kennelijk best zenuwachtig, trillend, en eerlijk gezegd best vals zong zij haar eigen vertaling van Bowie’s Five years. Maar het kwam zichtbaar uit haar tenen en tranen van gevoel … Nou ja. Destijds gezocht naar de video op internet, maar nooit gevonden. En vandaag zowaar wel. En weer die tranen van gevoel en zo.

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