David Bowie’s black Madonna

On Bowie’s last album there is a very intriguing song called ‘It’s a pity she is a whore’. The lyrics mention Bowie being punched, robbed, and castrated (‘she kept my cock’) as part of some sort of patrol / war. And after all this he concludes: it’s a pity she was a whore. Would all this abuse be OK, if she wasn’t a whore?! Now, this last album is acclaimed as Bowie’s magnum opus with symbolic references to his own death process. Would Bowie put on this album a song about some unlucky encounter with a prostitute? I don’t think so. No, I think that this song refers to the whore of Babalon as described by Crowley (whose works Bowie knew well). The whore of Babalon stands for Mother Nature / Shekhinah as the dark mother whom gave us life and who taketh our live. At the end of Bowie’s life she comes and takes away everything which Bowie has. It is a violent patrol of which we all will get our turn. What makes this whore so seductive? In the same way as mother earth she seduces life to come into existence in spring, she seduces us to come back home in the winter of our lifetime. In this seductive process, death is like a violent orgasm after which comes the stillness of the otherworld. She’s a whore, because in this most intimate connection, she seduces all of us and is available for all. All of this is part of an existing mythology about Babalon. What is new and intriguing is why it is a pity that she is a whore. I think that this is the last part of Bowie’s ego which will also be taken away. Seduced and beaten, all Bowie craved for was at least to be the only one for this violent mistress. But alas, even this was not given for him. And us.

Babalon in Crowley’s tarot card Lust.

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