Passionate quest for truth

This period of the year is the time of going inward and to find new and deeper truths about ourselves. Truths are convenient personal operating tools for the ego. You can only see those truths which you are able to handle. But when you shed one truth for a more profound one, beneath this new truth another truth lays waiting for you. There will always be deeper truths, but the purpose of a truth is to give you a stable environment of the ego in which your soul can develop. Continuous letting go of truths is a way of living, a quest so to speak. Obtaining one great spiritual truth, stopping there and becoming a guru is not enlightenment. This is spiritual laziness. The trick is to let go of truth when the time is right. As you don’t want to crack the egg before the chick is grown, you also don’t want to leave a full grown chicken in the egg. When people stop Dancing often a chicken starts growing in the egg. Truth requires you to leave your comfort zones behind and this is often a painful process as new truths destroy old ideas and dogmas. But this is the way of the passionate truth.

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