Mu Mu land – Justified and Ancient Revolution

This morning I woke up with an early 90’s song in my head: Justified & Ancient (Mu Mu land) by KLF.
When the song came out I was about 12 years old. And although it wasn’t really my style of music (if I had any at the time), apparently it made an impression as this song arose from my subconscious some 25 years later.
Actually, when listening to the song again, I am quite amazed and impressed by it.
The music itself is a very interesting mix of rap, acid house, tribal, rock guitars and country influences by Tammy Wynette. The video depicts an Atlantis themed island with different on people multiple layers: yellow Illuminati with a pyramid with a ghetto blaster, black tribal dancers, red robed hooded men with a horn sticking out, and last but not least Tammy Wynette as an Atlantis mermaid queen on top surrounded by white Asian hand maidens.
But what is this Mu Mu land what they are singing about? Someone on Internet described Mu Mu land as follows:
‘Long before Atlantis, long before the beginning of known history, famous psychics have insisted a huge continent once existed in the Mid-Pacific Ocean. Some call it LEMURIA, others call it MU. Many of them believe this continent was the FATHERLAND OF ATLANTIS! And like Atlantis, MU exploded! She sank beneath the sea in a volcanic destruction, so powerful, and so total, it staggers the imagination! Mu is identified with LeMUria in the Illuminatus trilogy of Robert Anton Wilson and widely acclaimed as the promised land by many freemasons and discordians.’
Apparently this song was written as a criticism of the established music industry and KLF tried to generate a revolution to open up the music industry. They called Tammy Wynette as the first lady of conservative country music in Tennessee: please stand by the Jam or step aside!!
What intrigues me about this song is the idea that ancient illuminati would rise up to overthrow the current set of illuminati which are apparently not justified.
When listening to this song again, I did not expect to find such underlying revolutionary ideas. Also I am a bit surprised why this song comes to my mind at this moment. Apparently the ancients of Mu Mu are also asking me to join their Jam as well!

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