About the Illuminati who want to who lift you up

Quite some people seem to have a bias against Illuminati, which I don’t quite understand.

On Facebook, every once in a while I read about stuff like the Rothshield’s owning half of the planet or Bilderberg conferences deciding on the future of the other half of the globe.

But the truth is: even if it were true, I cannot influence these things. I can only influence myself by becoming conscious and not let myself be driven by fear or sentiments.

And even more: when you take a closer look at the Illuminati, they are not so much about global structures trying to force us into some form of slavery or perform shady rituals for power. Illuminati means enlightened and refers to esoteric groups of people. The people in these groups are interested in esoteric knowledge and are trying to Know Themselves. Esoteric means hidden and it is about learning the subconscious rules and insights of yourself in order to become conscious and free. So there people are not trying to get power, but to become a better person.

Esoteric groups have a grades structure and these can be seen as a structured step by step process for personal development. A bit like courses at a University, but instead of learning for these courses you can only pass the grades (by means of initiation) when you develop yourself. I think it is safe to say that the structure of Universities are inspired by the mystery schools of the old. Initiation is quite a powerful and stable process for personal growth and is quite different from brainwashing. 🙂

In the last couple of years, quite some of these so-called secret societies are opening their doors to share their knowledge and are inviting people of all creeds (including women and different religions) to come in and join. See for example the Rosicrucian’s (www.rozenkruis.nl) who are giving courses for all outsiders to attend.

The claim that the Illuminati hide their secrets is no longer valid. There has never been a time in the history of mankind when esoteric information was more available than today. But, the challenge with esoteric knowledge is to know how to interpret them, as this knowledge is often multi interpretable. For a proper understanding you need a mentor or guru to guide you along your quest. Here esoteric groups can guide you through the labyrinth of your personal development.

For me, the symbol of the eye in the pyramid stands for those among us who have started their personal quest of enlightenment: their 3rd eye has been opened. Currently only a some are awake, but the goal is to have everyone conscious and free. In this sense, the Illuminati is not for the lucky few but for all of us. When more and more people have become conscious, as a consequence, these dreaded Rothshield’s and Bilderberg’s will have less power over us. And contrary to common opinion, there is a big group of Illuminati who are handing out bridges to help us become conscious and free.

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