Integrating the sacred and the profane

As above, so below. As sacred, so profane.
Sacrifice means to make sacred. This does not mean that you no longer can do certain things, but it means that the intention in which you do certain things changes. The challenge is to integrate the profane inside you with the sacred inside you. For example, you still can eat a burger at McDonalds. But if you pray before eating the burger, it becomes a lot more meaningful experience. As a result of making the profane sacred your behavior might change. So instead of eating a burger at McDonalds you might decide to start eating bio burgers. But in the process of sacrificing it is important to include all aspects of you as they are: your senses, feelings and thoughts. Only by seeing and accepting who you truly are, you can start the process of making yourself sacred. Next, you would investigate what aspects are integral parts of yourself and you will start by honoring them. Sexuality, for example, is then no longer a something profane (a sin or something dirty). Instead your sexuality becomes something sacred by making love or even praying (tantra). Only when your above is aligned with your below, then sacredness within yourself is achieved.

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