Losing the stars

About that other link with nature that we have lost: the stars.

We are all aware of the dire state of Mother Earth, but many people (including myself) seem to overlook that we also have lost our connection with that other divine source of inspiration: the stars.

At my high school, during the social development class there was a subject, which I did not understood at the time. I even thought it was stupid! It was about horizon pollution. At the time I thought that it was not relevant at all. If you are no longer able to see the fields, because buildings have been erected, this is just a signal of human evolution, right? Why would it be an issue when it does not get dark at night? I failed to see that we would then no longer be able to see the stars.

A couple of years ago, I was in the middle of nowhere in a Spanish town called Olmedo and I was struck to the core when I saw the clear night sky. Without any aid whatsoever, just with my naked eye, I was able to distinguish, thousands and thousands of stars. Not that I was able to identify them, though….

And now I have started reading a book called ‘Homer’s Secret Iliad’. It is about how Homer integrated the knowledge of the Greek people about the stars inside the Iliad. Not as just some deeper layer in the book. It is the other way around. Homer wrote the Iliad in order to pass on the sacred knowledge of the stars for the posterity. At the time there was no printing yet, but it was considered imperative that the star knowledge was shared amongst the ordinary people as well. With Homers’ Iliad the Greek star knowledge could be shared by minstrels to a much greater group of people.

Because every man and woman is a star.

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