Towards a new Rosicrucian impulse: alchemy of the body

The story of the Chemical Wedding is about combining the ruling male aspects of yourself (the King) with the sleeping, or suppressed Venus, inside of you. It is an alchemical tale about recombining polarities (f.e. body and spirit, male and the female) in order to create new balances. And the ultimate goal is to achieve the stone of the wise.

When you read the story at first glance, the challenge is far from easy. Actually, the story is a bit moralistic and perfectionistic. In order to complete the alchemical procedure you must have attained a purity and perfection which is almost beyond measure. For example, first you must be able to survive a weighing ceremony of seven weights which are based on the seven sins. Who can say that he / she will be able to pass such a test? If you would say, you would fail the test of vanity! When you pass this test, you will need to complete complicated alchemical activities in the higher spiritual realm. In short: you will have to become an adept magician with an extensive laboratory. Only Christian Rosenkreuz was able to attain this high ideal.

Last weekend I was attending a conference about the Chemical Wedding. I was surprised about how the insights of this work were shared. At one side of the room, a person was telling a complicated, insightful and intellectual story. At the other side of the room, about 100 listeners were sitting in chairs silently absorbing the information. Many had their eyes closed and quite some of them (including myself sometimes, i must admit), nodded of in small sleeps.

I was wondering how these insights would be integrated into the daily lives of the attendants by merely listening to the speaker. Most likely the insights would not go much deeper than an intellectual understanding. The question arose to me how the Chemical Wedding could be integrated in daily life.

All of a sudden it struck me: the mission of the Chemical Wedding was to free and integrate Lady Venus with the King. This could not be done by listening alone! When I was watching the audience during the lectures, looking at all the sleeping bodies on the chairs, I thought: this is Lady Venus! Sleeping, suppressed in the cellar. For me it became clear that this goal has to be achieved with the aid of our greatest alchemical instrument which we all have: our own body.
Connecting spirit and matter cannot be done without the body which is spirit in matter. The body can be seen as a sacred vessel with the most wondrous alchemical processes such as sensations and feelings. The Chemical Wedding makes one thing clear: these alchemical processes are to be understood and transmuted instead of rejected or suppressed.

For me, the best way to integrate my body with my spirituality is through dance with a sacred intention. When dance becomes a form of prayer, the wisdom of the body will guide you and give you feedback and insights of how to implement and understand certain knowledge. This is an experimental process with ups and downs. But there is no shame or sin in that. When understood and freed, the wisdom of the body, Lady Venus, will guide us towards a heavenly marriage of the body and spirit.

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