About mending broken trust

When trust is broken it needs to be restored by something which is called atonement. Atonement is the act of expressing that someone is truly sorry and that they will make amends. However, in our society it seems to be a long lost quality. Currently, it seems that the people who misuse our trust generally just go away. To another challenge, project, or lover or what not. But this behavior is superficial and not sustainable. On one side, people who abuse trust do not learn from their mistakes and do not accept their burdens. You can only grow when you take ownership of your karma. On the other side, the people who have been betrayed are hurt and are reluctant to trust and connect again. Therefore I call to reinstate the value atonement in our society by saying: Please forgive me. I did not realize what I did, but I do now. It will not happen again.

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