I have a dream

On Facebook I put a lot of my thoughts. More than by my friends, these thoughts are ‘read’ by Facebook and other companies to find relevant information about my interests and to sell me stuff via advertising.

On one side, I am OK with this: I think (perhaps in vain) that I am strong enough to withstand these kind of sales tactics. But on the other end I am not. They take my personal confersations and thoughts, and this they disect into small data pieces. Nothing of my origional story they will receive. Also, it is not possible for me to have a conversation. My personal thoughts disected into data are returned to me with other data (buy this and you will become much happier!).

But somewhere I have a dream that the essence of my (and many other people with me!) origional message will come through. That we are longing for a different way of thinking. That we want to become free instead of slaves of a consumption society.

It reminds me of the final scene of the Matrix. Agent Smith has finally completely taken over Neo, but by doing this, he also integrated the essential light that Neo is.

This is what I hope for digital marketing as well. That they eventually know what we really want and will ‘sell’ us this. Freedom. Hope. Love.

At 2.30 below you see how agen Smith takes over Neo, only to find that he himself has become the light.

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