The hermetic story of the three little pigs and the big bad wolf

Once upon a time there were three little pigs with each had their own beliefs and convictions about the operations of the universe. Every now and then, a big bad wolf would come and he would huff and puff great storms of chaos and confusion at the three little pigs.

The first little piggie believed in chance. He had no idea about the operations of the universe: he only saw events which were all unique to him. His house was built of the straws which he would find by chance. But when the big bad wolf would come by and blow his chaotic winds, every time his house was blown to bits. Since because this little piggie has no idea about the universe he thought that there was nothing he could do about the terrible storms of the big bad wolf and he had peace with it.

The second little piggie believed in a big religion with a big book. In this book were many great and wise tales and ten wise lessons. He was told that when he lived his life according to these lessons, he would be safe against the storms. This piggie built his house from solid wood which he carefully selected. When the big bad wolf would come by, his house would survive many storms, but the more severe storms would still blow his house to pieces. Since, this little piggie believed in a bad force called Natas and in sins, he thought that he was being punished for being a bad little piggie and he had peace with it.

The last little piggie was a hermetist and a mason. His belief system was esoteric and based on the great Laws of the universe and of Know Thyself. As a result his house was made of carefully selected solid rocks cut in traditional masonic style. Because of the solid foundations, no matter how hard the great big wolf would huff and puff, he was not able to blow the stone house away.

The other two little piggies were amazed of how the hermetic little piggie’s house was able to withstand even the fiercest chaotic storms of the big bad wolf. And since they were homeless, they asked for refuge at the hermetic little piggies house. The hermetic little piggie took them in and taught then all he knew. Since his knowledge was once shared to him for free, he felt it was now his duty to share it with his fellow piggies as well. Armed with this knowledge the other two little piggies started building their own stone houses: in their own unique shapes, but based on the same laws.

Eventually, the little piggies even made peace with the great big wolf. They realised that without the chaotic and destructive force of the wolf, the first two little piggies would never have come to understand the great hermetic Laws of the universe.

And the big bad wolf came and blew this story away.


wolf 2.jpg


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