About why I am a free dancing Hermetist

Recently, in a discussion, I compared my spirituality with my profession as a business analyst. I wrote: ‘There are many ways to Rome, but some are faster than others. The Hermetic tradition studies the Laws of the Universe. And as such it explains the above and the below. In my work as a business analyst, I also study processes: business processes. In this role I am able to find root causes much faster than others who look at events. In the end our time and resources are limited and I like to be as efficient as possible.’

Although there are many similarities between a Hermetist and a business analyst, it led me to ask the following question to myself: why is dancing so important for me as a Hermetist?

Again, I will make an analogy with my work as a business analyst. Dance for me as Hermetist has the same importance as the accounting journal and recorded data as business analyst. I can have beautiful spiritual visions, but the devil lies in the details and the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Only when I am able to fully integrate my visions, thoughts and emotions all the way through into my body, my spiritual growth is complete. Only when my body recognizes energy intuitively, then it becomes real for me. In this sense my body is the grail who receives and integrates spiritual impulses by means of a ritual.

As a business analyst, when implementing a new project (which can be compared to a ritual), I encounter all the relevant existing data at the lowest level. This is organizational Know Thyself. I become aware of what actually is and often it is less pretty as what I initially thought! This data was previously not structured, misused or not used at all. I ‘dance’ through the data and restructure it for the correct purpose. Only when the data on the lowest level is correct, the goal of a project (ritual) can be fulfilled and the project is successful.

Dance is activating a ritual similar as implementing a project and it has similar characteristics. When I want to connect to a high energy, I need to integrate it into my body. In the dance all existing energies which reside within me and which are linked to the ritual become activated and must be structured. This structuring occurs in the dance: by connecting intensely with the flow, gradually the energies in my body become aligned with the energy of the spiritual impulse.
There is one more thing which is interesting: my dancing consists of both structured and free dance. Over the years I realized that free dance is very important for me as well. Why would a Hermetist also use free dancing?

As a business analyst, I test if implementations are successful in two ways: positive testing (processes according to the design) and negative testing (processes against the design). With positive testing I follow steps and procedures to see if the design works according to plan. With negative testing I try to break the system and find any loopholes around the new development.

With hermetic flow dance, I follow the same pattern. First, I connect with the energy, integrate it and raise the energy as much as possible in a stable form. But then I let go of the structure and form changes into chaos (free dance). When I am able to dance in all directions on a high level of energy, then I know that I have successfully integrated this energy in my body and the ritual has succeeded.

This is the mission of Hermetic Flow Dance: to truly integrate Hermetism with the body and to connect flow with the soul.

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