Separating death stars from real stars

Stars as visions

The major arcana tarot card Star is assigned to the constellation of Aquarius. The Star is about visions, trust and hope. These are great things, because visions and hope are longterm plans which give you directions and the strength to continue when things get difficult.

But sometimes, when you have worked for an ideal for a long time, it turns out that reality is different from what you hoped for. The saying in Dutch is: you lose an illusion, but you gain an experience. Everything is good for you, as long as it doesn’t kill you, right?

Death stars as failed ideals

Yes and no. The problem with chasing visions and ideals is that they take a long time before you realize what they are worth. There is an interesting metaphor about a death star here. A death star is a star (vision) which you can still see, but the star in itself no longer exists. This can be the case, because the time which it takes for the light to arrive on earth can take milliions of years. When you look at the stars at night you are actually looking at many years of history.

If you chase a vision for 30 years and it turns out to be not what you hoped for, you have lost these years. Since our years on earth are limited, you can only follow two of such visions in your lifetime. So it is worth considering which visions and dreams you will chase. The beautiful sorrowful song ‘Not even close’ by Tim Finn describes the sorrow of finding out you have chased a death star ( ).

Now, I have been chasing a couple of death stars in my day and to be honest: I am quite reluctant to start chasing new stars. From one side it is logical. When you grow up, you become less idealistic and more realistic. Because of your experiences you have become wiser and you will think again before you will jump into new endeavors.

But as a result I find that I choose not to become quite selective in my dreams and vision. For example, there was a Woman’s March which I did not go to. Because, when I think about it, I have reservations about the idea. But somewhere I wish I was young, idealistic and naïve again. I would love to go and connect with people and share the same emotions. Believing that we can make a change and meeting new people. But if I were to walk along with the march, I would feel like an intruder. A pretender. Dishonest. Because I have lost my naivety.

So there are many activities which happen all around me, but I choose to remain in my house. Because although the activities outside can be enjoyable, when they are not real for me, they only cost me time and energy which I could have spent in something real and worthwhile. But closing myself more and more, does not feel to be a solution.

Rapunzel’s lesson to find real stars

Now, thinking of how I can be able to separate death starts from real stars, I was reminded about a very interesting clue in a German fairytale about Rapunzel (2012). In this story the prince climbs up to the tower on Rapunzel’s golden hair. The witch finds out of the affair and decides to stop it. She cuts of Rapunzel’s hair and uses this hair to pull the prince up. When he is almost at the window, she drops him and he falls into bushes with thorns. Thorns get into his eyes and blind he wanders across the land. At the end of the movie the which tries to kill the prince by pretending to the be voice of Rapunzel and luring him into an abyss ( ). The prince, now wiser, asks the witch to sing a song. As the witch has a cold heart, she cannot sing. But Rapunzel heard the prince and started to sing a most lovely tune. Following the singing of Rapunzel, the prince is able to find Rapunzel. When they finally meet, beautiful healing takes place. When Rapunzel realizes that the prince is blind her heart is touched and her tears fall into his eyes. This magically cures the eyesight of the prince. And when he is able to see Rapunzel in her full glory, her hair magically starts to grow again.

Relating to this story, I can say that I have fallen into the thorns and I am blind. The way to distinguish between a death star and a real star is by means of an open heart. And by realizing what is true. In the case of the prince it is the singing of Rapunzel. When he would have realized this from the start he would never have climbed the tower on that fateful day. It would have saved him much sorrow and many years! Luckily, in this fairy tale all ends well. Which, in turn, gives hope to me.

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