Female contribution to the creation of the monster of Trump and insights from Bill Burr about how to solve it

For some time now, I am fascinated by Trump. Where does he come from? How has he been created? At the massive women’s marches, women were rallying to fight against sexism and for equal rights. And yes, Trump clearly does not respect women. But are all men sexist? Of course not. So what happened?

It reminded me of the scene from the Batman movie where Alfred explains to Batman where the Joker came from ( https://youtu.be/6se66gQRJcw ). When you replace Batman for women, the criminals with men and the Joker with Trump, I think it is very revealing of what is going on here. Men didn’t want to have a guy like Trump, but their backs were against the wall and they had nobody else to turn to.

So how did women push men against the wall? Here’s my theory.

I think that the rise of Trump can be explained by the power struggle between men and women in the western society. And although the women argue that they have a terrible situation, in fact it is the men who pull on the shortest straw. Comedian Bill Burr explains the pain of men in our society in a very clear way. In this article I will describe the struggle of men in relationships with short clips from Bill Burr.

First of all he addresses domestic violence (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QF4I2mCofZc ). It is no longer allowed to hit your wife. Totally agree. But he also addresses that when a woman got beaten the guy is always wrong. Nobody researches the start of the argument. I have a couple next door of me who are fighting a lot. She is screaming the worst things to him and I am waiting for the day that he beats her up. I would have done it already, to be honest. The things she screams are terrible. But the moment he hits her, he is wrong. And nobody will investigate the root cause of the argument: that he was driven to the point of desperation before he hit her.

If guys are not allowed to fight, they need to defend themselves verbally against woman. And this is difficult since women are king and queen of arguments and emotional blackmail. (https://youtu.be/iNSt3wJXZk0 ). Guys just don’t stand a chance and lose every battle. And this is considered normal or emancipated. But to me it is simply wrong. When a guy is physically stronger than a woman, the guy needs to respect her weakness and don’t fight. When woman are emotionally stronger than men, they should also protect the men when arguing. Now these men are crushed and numbed day in and day out. There are not many married men with balls in our society. Many of them are slowly neutered into obedience.

And finally, the natural way to speak out has been cut off by politically correct thinking. Of course many men are ‘rude’, ‘sexist’ and ‘insensitive’. But forcing men pretend that he is enlightened when he is not, is just repressing unclean thoughts.

Many men have lost their ability to speak their minds, because they lack the verbal sophistication to give feedback in a positive and constructive way. For example, Bill Burr has a great scene where he has to defend himself as not homophobic ( https://youtu.be/u9OXXbwWMZg ). A girl just calls him a homophobic. And then look at the many corners Bill needs to twist himself in order to explain that he is not homophobic. Many guys would just check out. They would just learn themselves not to respond in a spontaneous way, but they would still think the same. But as a result these men have lost their integrity. I think that Trump, the guy who can say anything to anyone, is a counteraction against too much political correct thinking.

Add all these things up and an outburst of a freak like Trump will no longer be a surprise to you.

So where lies the solution? I think it is OK for women to fight for equality between men and women. But they also need to be sensitive for the difficulties and needs of men. Men should be encouraged to speak their minds, hearts and guts. There needs to be a safe environment for equal conversational exchange. Suppressing doesn’t solve anything. Speak about it, be yourself, find root causes, solve them and work it out. When we do this, Trump will lose his power and go back to where he came from.


2 thoughts on “Female contribution to the creation of the monster of Trump and insights from Bill Burr about how to solve it

  1. I enjoyed learning that although men are superior physically, women are superior emotionally. The times I got my feelings really hurt in an argument with my husband was when he was hurting! He is the one who carries the 5-gallon bottles of water, but in times of emotional stress for both of us I want him to “carry his weight,” but he often is the first to have a melt-down, dragging me into it. Those are the times he needs me to be strong emotionally, I now understand, just like I appreciate his strength carrying the water.


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