How quantum mechanics might explain the power of symbolism

Many people are, understandingly, sceptic about symbolism (and chance) based systems such as tarot and I Ching. How could a random tarot card pick or I Ching coin throw have any effect on your day?

This is merely chance and not fate, right?

Well, not completely. Because the symbolism of the tarot card or I Ching, you become conscious of something of which you were not yet conscious about. And, since symbolism is the language of the soul, your soul will start searching for confirmations of what has been predicted. When you become aware of something, you start looking different at reality.

You are speaking about self-fulfilling prophesies! Because you anticipate something you will twist and bend reality to your expectations.

Yes and no. it is true that you can interpret reality in various ways according to your perspective. But, it is also true that you cannot observe reality without changing it. This is one of the most astounding implications of quantum mechanics. In physics they call this the observer effect ( ). And although many scientists debate the degree to which observations affect reality, they accept that it is the case by any degree.

The ancients knew the power of symbolism for a long time already. They believed that we create reality with our thoughts, just as God created reality with His Mind. Your thoughts matter, literally. And with a daily dose of symbolism, in the shape of tarot, I Ching or the like, you can become aware of certain things. With this awareness you can create things which were not yet existing. Some say, seeing is believing, but in this case believing eventually becomes seeing.

Interesting. So are the tarot and I Ching driven by fate or by chance?

I will not dare to speculate on that question!

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