How Hermetic Flow Dance helps you discover the mechanics of flow

Quite some people find it difficult to be in tune with the flow of the dance. Even more people are not aware of the subtleties of flow: there are multiple melodies on which you can tune into at the same time! Often people dance only on the one clear heavy beat. But this is just a fraction of what flow is. So why limit yourself to a single beat, when you can dance on multiple tunes at the same time?

Flow can be seen as a collection of different sized gears, each with their own rhythm working together. It is like the old mechanical watch: the energy from the spring is transmitted through a series of different gears and wheels to the moving of the hands of the clock. Your body is a great example of organic flow: there are many different processes working together, but each at its own tempo. Your breathing has a different tempo than your heartbeat, although there is a connection. Your body is in a continuous act of balancing all processes to your flow, albeit either running or sitting.

In Hermetic Flow Dance, the gears are the different elements of your body: arms, legs, head, but also torso and hips. Your body parts can move in different speeds, rhythms and shapes: round or square. The paradox is that when you put all ‘wheels’ into motion in the dance, the dance becomes almost effortless. Many wheels work together in order to put the flow into motion. But when you only turn one ‘wheel’, this costs a lot of energy. You might even get the impression that dance is heavy like an exercise. This is not the case! You just need to know and apply the right techniques. This is what Hermetic Flow Dance does. The first thing that you need to understand is how to connect with the energy of flow. Secondly, you need to be able to contain that flow in your system. And then you can start and experiment with the different gears of flow of your body and how they interact. As it is not easy to see the benefits at first: there is effort, patience and persistence needed. But have faith! A new layer of sensitivity and awareness lies at your feet to be discovered. Hermetic Flow Dance is helping you discover how to tune into these mechanics of flow.

vitruvian man wheels 2.jpg

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