Radiohead’s Videotape as an hopeful Akasha’s record

In short Videotape tells the farewell story of man at the end of his life documented on a videotape. Interestingly enough, instead of being sorrowful, he is grateful. Symbolically, what could this song Videotape be about? In 2006, the videotape already was an archaic medium for recording. The song could have easily been called Betamax for that matter (it even rhymes!). The first sentence of the song is: ‘When I’m at the pearly gates, this will be on my videotape’. The pearly gates clearly refer to the gates of heaven. Thus this videotape is this famous summary of one’s life which one sees at the end of the tunnel. This movie would be shown to a higher force. Perhaps for judgement or lessons learned. In the lyrics the Faustian Mephistopheles is ‘just beneath reaching out to grab me’, so it might be a close call for our dear friend to reach Heaven! In the second verse, the Videotape becomes a farewell for a loved one back on earth. Here the message is that the videotape is the best way to communicate his message and that this day is the best day of his life. And the latter is quite intriguing as he is about to die! But maybe when you know that you will die, you will experience every moment with a vivid intensity. Or maybe he is happy to go ‘home’ again (pearly gates). The videotape in this song seems to be a means of documenting ones soul. At the moment of passing it is stored somewhere and here it can be accessed by higher forces (at the pearly gates) or even ordinary humans (by means of the right prayer or meditation exercises?). Although, at first glance, it might seem a gloomy song, in fact, it is a very hopeful song. All our experiences and love are not lost, but stored in the Akasha records. And although there is physical loss when we pass over, energetically there is no loss. Yes, after our passing, we return to the source, but we don’t lose our unique lifelong experiences. Our life on earth, with all its hardships and wonderful moments, returns to the source and enriches it. Some people say that the purpose of Life is that God wanted to know himself and that for this reason he created the Universe. I imagine that at our return to the Source He asks us: how was it? And we would hand over our Betamax videotape. In joy and marvel He would watch it, thank us and store it in the Akasha Video store.

2 thoughts on “Radiohead’s Videotape as an hopeful Akasha’s record

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