‘I used to wait’: about taking control of my destiny

When I was a child, I was sick a lot. This made me homebound and the lack of outside interaction also made me a bit scared of new things. This made me conservative and not really liking to try new things.

Then, as I got older, I started to realize how time flies and if you do not pay attention, your life can pass by in a sigh. Actually this was more like a shock. I started to become very much interested in personal development. Personal development became spiritual development. And the more I worked with this, the more I realized two things: 1) you cannot grow if you remain in your comfort zone. And 2) outside your comfort zone is not as scary as I always thought!

I have spent about ten years in this internal process and now I feel that it is time to spread my wings and go to the outside world: I want to put my full potential to the test! But still, every two steps forward I take, there is this old step going back. I have an old pattern where I tend to wait for others to do things or to get approval from. Basically I give away my Will to other people. This has caused a lot of frustration: I give away my Will to others, they do what they want with it and I get upset because they do not do what I hoped that they would do!

I had a tendency to conform myself to the expectations of others. Expectations from my work, from lovers, family, spiritual groups. In the last year I gradually have been cutting my ‘ties’ (expectations from others) in a way which I have not done it before. In the past I have rebelled and walked away. Only to return some time later, because I walked away, but I did not let go. Now, more and more I take my destiny into my own hands. Less and less I wait for things around me to happen.

It is a very special and new process to me. This is sometimes painful. There is a sense of being alone. A sadness as a result of it. But it gives me great freedom and sense of ownership as well. I accepted that my spiritual path is a special and lonely one. After this acceptance, I became free. From time to time someone joins me for a while on a particular path. And interestingly enough: I am able to enjoy this more than in the past. Because I have no expectations of this person.

Although it is a lonely, daring and confronting path, I feel that in the end it is worth it. As the freedom growths, the sadness shrinks and I feel that I am able to genuinely tell my story. No longer with anger or fear. But just my story. Because I am worth it.

These insights came from a song by Arcade Fire called ‘We used to wait’. To me the song is about this process. It is a realization that sitting around and waiting for things to change, will not change anything. You need to bite the bullet, go beyond the pain and fear and grab your destiny with both hands! This is passion! The video clip of this song complements the song: a car on the road towards an uncertain destination. Other cars are passing by also on their own. Sometimes you exchange a glance with the other drivers and you feel connected because you share the same daring path.

This process also reminds me of the tarot card 8 of cups: indolence. Typically this card has a negative ring to it. The card depicts a guy walking alone away from the civilisation. Being tired of waiting for others to acknowledge him, he goes his own lonely way.

The card can be seen as negative, when the person is leaving without cutting his (energetic) ties. As a result he comes back some time later to find that nothing has changed. As I am letting go of my expectations, I believe that I am able to walk my own way. Hopefully I am able to give a positive to this card. Talking about leaving your comfort zone!

8 of cups.JPG

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