Gurdjieff Movements: a tool for Self control and harmony, becoming archetypical and … attaining your cosmic soul! 

Most people think that they are in control of their body. If you want to stand up, you stand up without problems, right? However, in fact, most people are grossly overestimating their control of their body. And as a consequence they overstate the control of their Self. The ultimate price for this lack of control is the loss of your sacred potential. And the possibility to attain your soul.

I can hear you think: ‘WTF! What do you mean that I need to earn my soul?! And how would a stupid dance solve this?’. But please hear me out and allow me to explain in less than a 1000 words.

Let’s start with body control. For example, everyone is able to lift his right arm horizontal sideways. But are you also able to do this when moving other parts of your body as well? And if yes, to which degree? With this I mean: are you also able to lift your arm horizontal sideways on the 2nd measure of a total of 7 measures? Next, are you still able to do it when you also do a step sequence backward? Finally, are you also able to do the same when including a sequence of six different alternating head positions?

Some time ago, I had an interesting realization about the nature of the Gurdjieff Movements which is exactly about this: the degree to which you are able to control your body in action.

Gurdjieff Movements are a type of dance meditation where different parts of the body move on the music in different tempos. One can only master the Movements by a technique called divided attention. This means that you are both aware of your inner centre (body, emotions and mind) and your surroundings at the same moment. The different tempos of the different parts of the body give a glimpse of and a chance to connect with a higher cosmic reality.  

I got my realisation when I recorded a Gurdjieff Movement practice and I noticed that I made the similar mistakes in different configurations (combinations of feet, arm and head positions) of the Movement. I was surprised of this, because I felt that I was able to take the correct positions. I started making mistakes when adding the head sequence. This sequence consists of six measures with four different positions: up, down, left and right. When you look at the short clip of this practice below, you see that my right arm is too far back when looking left and down. Also my arm is too low when looking up and right. Although in rest mode I am perfectly able to put my right arm horizontal sideways, in action (the dance), I have difficulty with the proper execution of the movement.

This experience made me realize that although I think that I master the ability to put my right arm horizontal sideways, it differs of the context to which degree I am able to do so. When I only need to lift my arm, I manage perfectly. However when other elements are added, I start to struggle and make mistakes.

Why is it important to be in control of your Self? Many spiritual practices argue that the goal of mankind is to be free. Freedom comes with the ability of choice. And in order to be able to choose according to your Will, you should be able to be in control of your Self (roughly consisting of body, emotions and mind). This is the reason why many spiritual practices advocate some form of discipline in one way or the other. Gurdjieff Movements are designed to achieve complete total control and harmony over body, emotions and mind.

  • Remove the unnecessary and the archetypical appears

The idea of the Gurdjieff Movements is that by practicing them you will gradually achieve control of your Self. As a consequence you will exterminate all unnecessary activities in your Self (body, emotions and mind).  Removing unnecessary movements are a result of a clear sense of will and the outcome of this is that the movements become archetypical. By practising the Gurdjieff Movements you more and more align yourself with archetypical positions and energies and it is exactly because of this that Gurdjieff called them objective art. Archetypical movements raise your energy frequency and allow to tapping into cosmic energies. There are many different Gurdjieff Movements in order to be able to align to many different cosmic energies. Attaining your soul is then the successful and sustainable connecting your Self to these cosmic forces.  It is like achieving the alchemical stone of the wise.

This brings us to another quality of the Gurdjieff movements: its configurational and integrative approach. Many Movements consist of multiple elements (arms, legs, head, torso, etc.) which (can) have their own count, rhythm, energy and archetypical qualities. However, they all coexist at the same time in the Movement. They can be seen as planetary influences and because of this the Movements are also called cosmic dance. The combinations of the different elements have their own astrological quality.

  • Cosmic dance: as above, so below

And this is the final revelation of the Gurdjieff Movements: they are in fact astrological dances. The different rhythms of the different parts of the body represent astrological energies of the classical 7 planets of our solar system. This does not mean that in each Movement always all planetary energies are represented. Sometimes 3 elements of the body represent the sun and a 4th element represents Venus. But every planet has its own rhythm and movement and together they move in orbit around the sun. When planets meet or come in aspect different energy combinations are raised. And although some energies are more pleasant than others, there is always order. And this is what the Gurdjieff Movements teach us. First, as above, so below, our hearts are like suns with our limbs as planets dancing around us. Secondly, although there are many different energy configurations, there is always order. You only need to be atuned to these energies in order to be able to experience the order. Otherwise you perceive chaos.

With help of the Movements you learn the cosmic dance by aligning yourself with cosmic energies. By disciplining the movements of your Self, you train away your inefficiencies, become archetypical and slowly attune yourself to the energies of the universe. You experience the mystical experience of being a part of the cosmic soul. And because as above is so below, as a consequence you will have attained your soul.

What makes Hermetic Flow Dance such a magical dance?

Yesterday, I danced on a song [1] and the practice of this dance gave me profound insights on the deeper meaning of the song. I was deeply touched by it, but when looking back at it today, I also was surprised that technically the dance was not my greatest achievement. The question is: what made this ‘simple dance’ so magical?

As said, technically, there seems to be not much to the dance. The feet and leg pattern are not very exciting. The head movements are also basic. I notice that I make these type of movements a lot and that they become a regular part of my repertoire. And even the main drivers of this dance (left and right arm) are not shocking. And yet, an enormous amount of intensity and energy was raised. In the climaxes of the song a Tipharetic smile breaks through on my face. It is a face of pure joy. And it was so easily attained by a ‘simple’ dance. How it this possible?

It comes back to the basics of Hermetic Flow Dance. The bottom of the body is the main driver to raise the energy and the top body is the part which creates energy. Further, the magical experience is enhanced by the Gurdjieff Movement technique of divided attention where different parts of the body have their own rhythms. This technique is very intense and it raises a lot of energy. The dance breaks down in 3 different parts. The first part is the mechanical part. Here the head, arms and feet move staccato and are used to identify with the sorrowful part of the song. Energy is generated here, but not much energy is created. In this phase it is important to note that the staccato movements of head and arms (and later legs) have their own rhythms. In the second part of the song there is a sort of musical climax. Here the two arms start with the second phase of Hermetic Flow Dance: creating energy. There is divided attention here as well because both arms make their own movements and rhythms, but the lower body keeps on raising energy to the mix. As a result the intensity is higher than in the first phase.

At the final part of the song the energy becomes so intense, that the structure of divided intensity starts to collapse. Instead of this being a failure to hold the structure of the dance, it is in fact the natural and essential result of the process. As the structure imploded, joy and ecstasy were able to arise.


The mystery of Hermetic Flow Dance is represented in its logo. First, you raise the energy by climbing an energetic stairway as high as possible. And then, when you reached your highest possible peak of energy, the structure and discipline can be let go into Flow.

After the dance I feel that my body has been realigned with my soul. Hermetic Flow Dance allowed me to deeper experience the mysteries of the universe. At the start of the dance, I just had a lovely feeling and an interest in the song. But at the end of the dance, I received profound insights deep into my core. Later when making my notes, I realized that I had touched upon the mystery of the Lovers in the dance (currently we are in Gemini of which the tarot card Lovers is attributed).

All and all Hermetic Flow Dance is a magical dance technique which has the alchemistic quality to solva et coagulate. The first two parts of this dance were about divided attention which is the solva phase. The last part where the structure of the dance imploded is the coagulate phase. This dance enables to experience deep insights and this is why Hermetic Flow Dance is so magical and powerful: it is alchemical dance.


How Hermetic Flow Dance helps you discover the mechanics of flow

Quite some people find it difficult to be in tune with the flow of the dance. Even more people are not aware of the subtleties of flow: there are multiple melodies on which you can tune into at the same time! Often people dance only on the one clear heavy beat. But this is just a fraction of what flow is. So why limit yourself to a single beat, when you can dance on multiple tunes at the same time?

Flow can be seen as a collection of different sized gears, each with their own rhythm working together. It is like the old mechanical watch: the energy from the spring is transmitted through a series of different gears and wheels to the moving of the hands of the clock. Your body is a great example of organic flow: there are many different processes working together, but each at its own tempo. Your breathing has a different tempo than your heartbeat, although there is a connection. Your body is in a continuous act of balancing all processes to your flow, albeit either running or sitting.

In Hermetic Flow Dance, the gears are the different elements of your body: arms, legs, head, but also torso and hips. Your body parts can move in different speeds, rhythms and shapes: round or square. The paradox is that when you put all ‘wheels’ into motion in the dance, the dance becomes almost effortless. Many wheels work together in order to put the flow into motion. But when you only turn one ‘wheel’, this costs a lot of energy. You might even get the impression that dance is heavy like an exercise. This is not the case! You just need to know and apply the right techniques. This is what Hermetic Flow Dance does. The first thing that you need to understand is how to connect with the energy of flow. Secondly, you need to be able to contain that flow in your system. And then you can start and experiment with the different gears of flow of your body and how they interact. As it is not easy to see the benefits at first: there is effort, patience and persistence needed. But have faith! A new layer of sensitivity and awareness lies at your feet to be discovered. Hermetic Flow Dance is helping you discover how to tune into these mechanics of flow.

vitruvian man wheels 2.jpg

The hermetic story of the three little pigs and the big bad wolf

Once upon a time there were three little pigs with each had their own beliefs and convictions about the operations of the universe. Every now and then, a big bad wolf would come and he would huff and puff great storms of chaos and confusion at the three little pigs.

The first little piggie believed in chance. He had no idea about the operations of the universe: he only saw events which were all unique to him. His house was built of the straws which he would find by chance. But when the big bad wolf would come by and blow his chaotic winds, every time his house was blown to bits. Since because this little piggie has no idea about the universe he thought that there was nothing he could do about the terrible storms of the big bad wolf and he had peace with it.

The second little piggie believed in a big religion with a big book. In this book were many great and wise tales and ten wise lessons. He was told that when he lived his life according to these lessons, he would be safe against the storms. This piggie built his house from solid wood which he carefully selected. When the big bad wolf would come by, his house would survive many storms, but the more severe storms would still blow his house to pieces. Since, this little piggie believed in a bad force called Natas and in sins, he thought that he was being punished for being a bad little piggie and he had peace with it.

The last little piggie was a hermetist and a mason. His belief system was esoteric and based on the great Laws of the universe and of Know Thyself. As a result his house was made of carefully selected solid rocks cut in traditional masonic style. Because of the solid foundations, no matter how hard the great big wolf would huff and puff, he was not able to blow the stone house away.

The other two little piggies were amazed of how the hermetic little piggie’s house was able to withstand even the fiercest chaotic storms of the big bad wolf. And since they were homeless, they asked for refuge at the hermetic little piggies house. The hermetic little piggie took them in and taught then all he knew. Since his knowledge was once shared to him for free, he felt it was now his duty to share it with his fellow piggies as well. Armed with this knowledge the other two little piggies started building their own stone houses: in their own unique shapes, but based on the same laws.

Eventually, the little piggies even made peace with the great big wolf. They realised that without the chaotic and destructive force of the wolf, the first two little piggies would never have come to understand the great hermetic Laws of the universe.

And the big bad wolf came and blew this story away.


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What is the Western Mystery Tradition

What Is the Western Mystery Tradition?

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