About the Illuminati who want to who lift you up

Quite some people seem to have a bias against Illuminati, which I don’t quite understand.

On Facebook, every once in a while I read about stuff like the Rothshield’s owning half of the planet or Bilderberg conferences deciding on the future of the other half of the globe.

But the truth is: even if it were true, I cannot influence these things. I can only influence myself by becoming conscious and not let myself be driven by fear or sentiments.

And even more: when you take a closer look at the Illuminati, they are not so much about global structures trying to force us into some form of slavery or perform shady rituals for power. Illuminati means enlightened and refers to esoteric groups of people. The people in these groups are interested in esoteric knowledge and are trying to Know Themselves. Esoteric means hidden and it is about learning the subconscious rules and insights of yourself in order to become conscious and free. So there people are not trying to get power, but to become a better person.

Esoteric groups have a grades structure and these can be seen as a structured step by step process for personal development. A bit like courses at a University, but instead of learning for these courses you can only pass the grades (by means of initiation) when you develop yourself. I think it is safe to say that the structure of Universities are inspired by the mystery schools of the old. Initiation is quite a powerful and stable process for personal growth and is quite different from brainwashing. 🙂

In the last couple of years, quite some of these so-called secret societies are opening their doors to share their knowledge and are inviting people of all creeds (including women and different religions) to come in and join. See for example the Rosicrucian’s (www.rozenkruis.nl) who are giving courses for all outsiders to attend.

The claim that the Illuminati hide their secrets is no longer valid. There has never been a time in the history of mankind when esoteric information was more available than today. But, the challenge with esoteric knowledge is to know how to interpret them, as this knowledge is often multi interpretable. For a proper understanding you need a mentor or guru to guide you along your quest. Here esoteric groups can guide you through the labyrinth of your personal development.

For me, the symbol of the eye in the pyramid stands for those among us who have started their personal quest of enlightenment: their 3rd eye has been opened. Currently only a some are awake, but the goal is to have everyone conscious and free. In this sense, the Illuminati is not for the lucky few but for all of us. When more and more people have become conscious, as a consequence, these dreaded Rothshield’s and Bilderberg’s will have less power over us. And contrary to common opinion, there is a big group of Illuminati who are handing out bridges to help us become conscious and free.

Why we should teach meditation on schools

Why we should teach meditation as a basic skill in primary and secondary schools (and why most likely it will not happen).

The purpose of education is to give everyone the same chances of developing themselves depending on their abilities. And another task of education is to make people resilient in the society. For example, you learn math so that you know how much you are spending and you will not so easily be fooled by a slick seller of pre-pension schemes (… maybe a bad example). For this reason math is taught on all school levels as opposed to Latin which is only taught on the higher school levels.

Now our current society is faced with a massive information overload driven to enhance consumption. This information overload is so enormous that it is safe to say that a new form of mental slavery exists. There is a large group of people who are so much influenced by external stimuli, that they can hardly make up their own mind. I feel it is the task of our education system to restore this balance.

The occasion of my plea, was this text by Dion Fortune as early as April 1943:
“The application of psychology to salesmanship did not stop at the cultivation of the personality of the salesman, however, but went on to study the use of mental suggestion by means of advertisement. This has been worked out with great skill in the drink trade, wherein a realistic picture of an overflowing glass and a slogan concerning its medicinal nature are widely used. The suggestion of health value supplies an excuse, and the sight of the overflowing glass awakens desire. The path of an inebriate striving to overcome his craving is made indefinitely harder by such pictorial publicity, and it ought to be prohibited for the same reason as pornography is prohibited. Other examples of such trading in human weakness are those which exploit snobbery in the cause of soap, less harmful no doubt, but equally illegitimate in principle.”

80 year later marketing and pornography are all surrounding and are far beyond prohibition. The only way to deal with this is to make the people themselves resilient against these kinds of unwanted influences. And here is the thing. People who are better educated are usually better able to do this. They are able to discern fact from fiction, have their own thoughts and options and are able to find peace and quiet in their minds from time to time. People with less education often are not able to do so. These people do not have the means to think for themselves and are programmed subconsciously. In this sense we are not that far from 1984 or the Matrix.

For this reason I propose to have meditation classes in primary and secondary schools. The goal is make children aware of outside mental influences and to teach them free thinking. But also for the same reason I think my proposal will not be accepted. You reap what you sow. Our society seems not to be interested in individual critical thought. Our society seems to be more interested in people who work and consume as much as possible. It would be a task for the left wing parties (PVDA and SP) with their historical aim to raise the level of the lower classes in society to put this topic on the political agenda.

How Gurdjieff Movements is Teletubbies for adults

Teletubbies voor volwassenen en het geheim van de herhaling
Kleine kinderen hebben op de een of andere manier het vermogen om keer op keer hetzelfde te zien zonder dat het gaat vervelen. Mijn verklaring hiervoor is dat kinderen nog in het NU leven. Alles is voor hen telkens weer de eerste keer. Bij volwassenen is dat anders. Misschien omdat de ratio toe slaat? Misschien filteren wij herhaling uit ons systeem als zijnde niet belangrijk? Alleen dingen die anders zijn hoeven we in de gaten te houden, toch? Maar als gevolg verdwijnen we met onze ratio uit het NU naar het verleden of de toekomst. Dat is niet erg mindfull…. Sinds een jaar of zo dans ik de Gurdjieff Movements. Deze dansmeditatie staat bol van de herhaling. Echter deze is dusdanig onlogisch opgebouwd dat het brein de herhaling niet herkent. Sterker nog, de dans kan alleen maar gedanst worden wanneer het brein er voor de volle 100% bij is. De kunst van de Movements is om ze zo vaak mogelijk achter elkaar te herhalen en om er toch met je ratio bij te blijven. Zo kom je in een actieve meditatieve staat weer in het NU. Maar nu wel met je hoofd erbij. Gurdjieff Movements is dus eigenlijk Teletubbies voor volwassenen. 🙂

About the importance of clear communication

I learned a lot about clear communication from salsa dancing. If i would not lead (show what i wanted – clear communication) the woman would just do as she pleased. Only with a strong frame and clear indications of my movements (at the right moment!) the woman would do what I wanted. And even then sometimes not. I realized that mistakes can be a great source of humor and inspiration of becoming conscious of what you are doing. Salsa is clear communication because you feel with direct body contact what the other person wants. Verbal communication is much less clear. What is more is that people often do not speak their mind. And still expect the other to understand them. With salsa, when i don’t indicate a move, nothing happens. It is clear that i am to blame when the lady does not do anything. In some spiritual wisdom traditions it is the goal not to respond at all. ‘If you cannot understand the meaning of life from all what is around you, you are not yet enlightened and hence you are a shitty salsa dancer.’ Also there is the tendency to be too polite to the other when communicating. ‘Excuse me, but you stepped on my foot.’ When this continues to happen, you must become more clear in your communication. As an end result I often repeat behavior of others, just to get my point across. And there are quite some crooked toes out there, I can tell you! When someone fails to understand you, you need to speak up and drop the everyday politeness. But this does not mean that you should disrespect the other. Communication is like a salsa dance. Often a dance starts rusty, but with proper communication there a good chances that it turns into a joyful experience instead of a lot of frustration.

The road to Hell is paved with incompetent people having good intentions.

‘The road to Hell is paved with good intentions’
Het maakt niet uit wat je doet, zolang je intentie maar goed is, zeg ik de laatste tijd vaak tegen mezelf. Maar hoezo is de weg naar de hel dan gevuld met goede intenties? Dat is om de naïeve christelijke notie dat het niet uitmaakt wat je doet, zolang je het maar goed bedoeld. En dat is natuurlijk niet juist. Iemand kan bijvoorbeeld met de beste bedoelingen van de wereld benzine tanken in een dieselauto. Met goede intenties kan de weg naar de hel alleen voorkomen worden wanneer je weet wat je doet en hoe iets werkt. Totdat je weet wat je doet kun je maar beter even niets doen.
De uitdrukking moet dus zijn: ‘The road to Hell is paved with incompetent people having good intentions.’

The student / teacher relationship is like getting help with climbing a wall. You have to meet half way. The student needs to be willing to make an effort and jump. And the teacher needs to reach out his hand down and give a pull.

A movie is a much more efficient way of telling a story compared to a book. A story is told in only a couple of hours as opposed to days. But due to the effort of reading a book, imagining the story and the surroundings in your mind, a story truly can become alive in you. Reading a book throughout days and weeks can guide you through processes and can clarify deeply human themes.

Zachte meesters maken slappe leerlingen

Wat is mentorschap? Mentorschap is een efficiënte manier om iemand door middel van de ervaring van een ander door leerervaringen heen te loodsen.
Mentorschap zag je vroeger veel in de meester-gezel relatie en ook in de spiritualiteit (die van het oosten en het westen). Mentorschap is veelal eenrichtingsverkeer: de meester geeft opdrachten en zegt wat er gedaan moet worden en de leerling volgt. Stribbelt de leerling teveel tegen, zal hij een andere leerplek moeten zoeken. Er is vertrouwen nodig in de meester, want de leerling moet dingen doen (of laten) waarvan hij de reden vaak niet kan overzien. Wanneer een meester kundig is, kan hij goed beoordelen waar je tegenaan loopt en relevante tips geven om te leren.
Nu hebben veel mensen in deze tijd een allergie voor autoriteit. De meester in de basisschool wordt aangesproken met de voornaam, op het middelbaar onderwijs hebben we zelfstudie en militaire dienst is afgeschaft.
Het gevolg is dat mensen bepaalde processen niet aangaan omdat ze er zelf de mentale wilskracht niet voor hebben.
Wat ik om mij heen zie, is dat hoe groter de mogelijke leerervaring, hoe groter de neiging is van de leerling om daarvoor weg te lopen. Mensen met een grote zelfdiscipline kunnen zelf deze stap zetten. Maar mensen aan het begin van hun proces (leerling / gezel), hebben juist een extra push nodig van een mentor / meester.
Voor een optimale leerervaring is er een balans nodig tussen compassie (oog en zachtheid hebben waar de ander zit in zijn process), maar ook strengheid (dit is wat er moet gebeuren). Alleen dan kunnen belangrijke stappen in de ontwikkeling worden gezet.
Die balans tussen strengheid en compassie brengt mij bij de tarot kaart van Kracht. In deze kaart bedwingt een maagd in het wit (intuitie) een woeste leeuw (instinct). De leeuw heeft veel kracht maar is nog omstuimig. De maagd bedwingt de leeuw door de kracht te sturen en te matigen. Dit is niet altijd even lief of aardig voor het ego, maar wel goed voor de ziel. Een mooie samenvatting een meester-gezel relatie!