Passionate quest for truth

This period of the year is the time of going inward and to find new and deeper truths about ourselves. Truths are convenient personal operating tools for the ego. You can only see those truths which you are able to handle. But when you shed one truth for a more profound one, beneath this new truth another truth lays waiting for you. There will always be deeper truths, but the purpose of a truth is to give you a stable environment of the ego in which your soul can develop. Continuous letting go of truths is a way of living, a quest so to speak. Obtaining one great spiritual truth, stopping there and becoming a guru is not enlightenment. This is spiritual laziness. The trick is to let go of truth when the time is right. As you don’t want to crack the egg before the chick is grown, you also don’t want to leave a full grown chicken in the egg. When people stop Dancing often a chicken starts growing in the egg. Truth requires you to leave your comfort zones behind and this is often a painful process as new truths destroy old ideas and dogmas. But this is the way of the passionate truth.

David Bowie’s black Madonna

On Bowie’s last album there is a very intriguing song called ‘It’s a pity she is a whore’. The lyrics mention Bowie being punched, robbed, and castrated (‘she kept my cock’) as part of some sort of patrol / war. And after all this he concludes: it’s a pity she was a whore. Would all this abuse be OK, if she wasn’t a whore?! Now, this last album is acclaimed as Bowie’s magnum opus with symbolic references to his own death process. Would Bowie put on this album a song about some unlucky encounter with a prostitute? I don’t think so. No, I think that this song refers to the whore of Babalon as described by Crowley (whose works Bowie knew well). The whore of Babalon stands for Mother Nature / Shekhinah as the dark mother whom gave us life and who taketh our live. At the end of Bowie’s life she comes and takes away everything which Bowie has. It is a violent patrol of which we all will get our turn. What makes this whore so seductive? In the same way as mother earth she seduces life to come into existence in spring, she seduces us to come back home in the winter of our lifetime. In this seductive process, death is like a violent orgasm after which comes the stillness of the otherworld. She’s a whore, because in this most intimate connection, she seduces all of us and is available for all. All of this is part of an existing mythology about Babalon. What is new and intriguing is why it is a pity that she is a whore. I think that this is the last part of Bowie’s ego which will also be taken away. Seduced and beaten, all Bowie craved for was at least to be the only one for this violent mistress. But alas, even this was not given for him. And us.

Babalon in Crowley’s tarot card Lust.

Pervert Park or how society deals with sex effenders

Zeer indrukwekkende documentaire op de VPRO gezien: Pervert Park. Een park in Florida waar zedendelinquenten opgevangen en gerehabiliteerd worden. Over het stigma van sex offenders hoe zij buiten de samenleving worden gezet als zijnde monsters. Maar ook hoe zij zo geworden zijn. 9 van de 10 keer zijn ze zelf ook seksueel misbruikt. Over hoe straffen niet werkt, maar alleen een dieper begrip van hun eigen gedrag de vicieuze cirkel kan doorbreken. Een voormalig sex offender zei: ‘we zitten hier met 120 mensen. Natuurlijk denken mensen dat we monsters zijn en hun dochters aan gaan randen. Maar wij zijn 120 ambassadeurs die kunnen laten zien dat we mensen zijn en geen monsters meer.’ Something to think about zo vlak na de misstanden in Keulen.

Why Bowie always kept changing – he was guiding the way

Pt1. Today, as most people will agree, an icon of our modern pop culture has passed away. David Bowie, the artist who continued to amaze everyone until his last days by reinventing himself completely on a regular basis.

Many fans have been intrigued by Bowie and his ever changing appearance while always remaining distinctly Bowie. ‘Bowie never shied away from using his work as a sort of ‘art therapy’. Bowie’s career is full of symbolic clothes, postures and many references to esoteric and alchemical imagery. And rest for sure: it is no coincidence that Bowie has used archetypical imagery for decades.

There are many references and documentation to be found about the occult interests of Bowie. But Bowie was not only reading about esoteric knowledge. He used his artistic skills to turn himself into archetypes himself as much as possible. He then explored these personalities in depth and turned his insights into songs, albums and stage persona. With the invocations of these archetypical images he surpassed his ego to become something greater. And the moment when the archetype had nothing new to teach him, he moved on to another journey.

And why would he do this, you might ask? Well, the Tree of Life from the Qabalah explains ten spheres of evolution. These spheres are connected by 22 paths, which are associated with the 22 archetypical cards of the major arcana of the tarot. Each archetypical card has its own mystical insight to learn and when all lessons are learned, you achieve Nirvana. I personally believe that Bowie was on a quest to discover as many archetypical parts of himself as possible in this life.

And this is why I am touched by the passing away of David Bowie. Because by engulfing yourself with archetypical images in this way, you also need to confront your dark sides and fears and to incorporate them into yourself.

As a result, he was a beacon of light to many. As a pop star, with his own personal development, he took his fans with him on his quest and initiated them along the way. He was paving the way for many people and groups. For example, by mentioning to be gay publicly in 1972 only shortly when homosexuality was decriminalized in the UK. But also at the end of his life, he has been leading us by becoming something like a modern day Gnostic messiah in a time of dying Christianity.

Thanks for guiding the direction home to us, David!

Pt2. Een paar jaar geleden was ik bij 50 jaar Bowie in Paradiso. Veel mooie nummers en acts, maar Vijf jaar van Roosbeef raakte mij het meest. Kennelijk best zenuwachtig, trillend, en eerlijk gezegd best vals zong zij haar eigen vertaling van Bowie’s Five years. Maar het kwam zichtbaar uit haar tenen en tranen van gevoel … Nou ja. Destijds gezocht naar de video op internet, maar nooit gevonden. En vandaag zowaar wel. En weer die tranen van gevoel en zo.

Flow Dance

Yesterday at Ecstatic Dance Haarlem someone asked me how I am able to dance so energetic. I explained her that I dance on the flow and I gave her the example of a hang glider. Dancing in flow is similar as the hang glider who searches and uses the thermic to gain hight. When dancing I search and find the higher energies to dance on. The dancing itself does not seem to cost any energy. Only the searching for the right flow and vibe costs energy. Also, as a result of dancing on the flow, I am able to reach a much higher ‘altitude’ than when dancing on my own energy.


Integrating the shards

This week I was in London city trading centre for work purposes. When walking to the office I passed these two impressive towers, very closely located to each other. In the front you see the Southwark Cathedral and in the back you see the glass skyscraper The Shard. The Shard is the 4th biggest tower in the EU reaching over 300 meters. In my mind the Shard represents a decadent peak of materialism and wealth. The name ‘Shard’ for this tower feels correct to me as both a shard of glass and this tower seem to be disconnected from a bigger whole.

I had a similar feeling this week: amidst this much display of wealth, I felt a bit disconnected and somewhat a loss of purpose. With everybody around me being so concerned with work, success and money, I asked myself what the purpose of work is. Is it to make money, to belong to a social group and standard, or is there a sense of purpose?

I felt drawn towards the tower in front: the Southwark Cathedral. I was intrigued to find a cathedral amidst this busy work centre. Thursday morning, before work, I visited the cathedral. I hoped to get some relief from the disconnected feeling which I had. The cathedral felt like an oasis of tranquillity. Sitting in the back, I noticed that in the centre of the cathedral there were stars hanging (Christmas decoration for Three Kings). Looking at the star I noticed that a five pointed star actually consists of 5 shards combined. Then I realised why I had this disconnected feeling. The material world is only the outer representation of what is. Beyond physical reality there are the other three elements. And they all are combined and ensouled by the fifth element of ether. In the tarot the star symbolises the highest vision of hope and trust with the understanding of cosmic coherence.

For me the star represented the integrating potential of all which surrounds us. Yes we life in a material world, but the challenge is to include and align the other four elements in our life as well. This is what the symbol of the star in the Southwark Cathedral achieved this for me. I felt a bit as if I was falling to pieces, but in reality I was opening myself up again to a bigger understanding.

Why we should teach meditation on schools

Why we should teach meditation as a basic skill in primary and secondary schools (and why most likely it will not happen).

The purpose of education is to give everyone the same chances of developing themselves depending on their abilities. And another task of education is to make people resilient in the society. For example, you learn math so that you know how much you are spending and you will not so easily be fooled by a slick seller of pre-pension schemes (… maybe a bad example). For this reason math is taught on all school levels as opposed to Latin which is only taught on the higher school levels.

Now our current society is faced with a massive information overload driven to enhance consumption. This information overload is so enormous that it is safe to say that a new form of mental slavery exists. There is a large group of people who are so much influenced by external stimuli, that they can hardly make up their own mind. I feel it is the task of our education system to restore this balance.

The occasion of my plea, was this text by Dion Fortune as early as April 1943:
“The application of psychology to salesmanship did not stop at the cultivation of the personality of the salesman, however, but went on to study the use of mental suggestion by means of advertisement. This has been worked out with great skill in the drink trade, wherein a realistic picture of an overflowing glass and a slogan concerning its medicinal nature are widely used. The suggestion of health value supplies an excuse, and the sight of the overflowing glass awakens desire. The path of an inebriate striving to overcome his craving is made indefinitely harder by such pictorial publicity, and it ought to be prohibited for the same reason as pornography is prohibited. Other examples of such trading in human weakness are those which exploit snobbery in the cause of soap, less harmful no doubt, but equally illegitimate in principle.”

80 year later marketing and pornography are all surrounding and are far beyond prohibition. The only way to deal with this is to make the people themselves resilient against these kinds of unwanted influences. And here is the thing. People who are better educated are usually better able to do this. They are able to discern fact from fiction, have their own thoughts and options and are able to find peace and quiet in their minds from time to time. People with less education often are not able to do so. These people do not have the means to think for themselves and are programmed subconsciously. In this sense we are not that far from 1984 or the Matrix.

For this reason I propose to have meditation classes in primary and secondary schools. The goal is make children aware of outside mental influences and to teach them free thinking. But also for the same reason I think my proposal will not be accepted. You reap what you sow. Our society seems not to be interested in individual critical thought. Our society seems to be more interested in people who work and consume as much as possible. It would be a task for the left wing parties (PVDA and SP) with their historical aim to raise the level of the lower classes in society to put this topic on the political agenda.

Love thy ex!

Mijn goede voornemen voor 2016 is het woord ex te vervangen voor geliefde. Natuurlijk doet het pijn wanneer een liefde voorbij gaat. Maar de liefde die je samen deelde gaat nooit voorbij. In die zin is het woord ex, wat voormalig betekend, niet van toepassing. Want hoe kun je nu stoppen met houden van iemand? Wanneer je wel het woord ex gebruikt, moet je je in allerlei bochten wringen om je gevoelens van je vorige geliefden weg te drukken. In het verlengde van ex staat ook exclusief. Het idee dat je maar van een iemand tegelijkertijd kunt houden. Maar ook dit staat haaks op wat liefde is. Sterker nog: liefde is inclusief. Daarom wil ik in 2016 het woord geliefde gebruiken. Omdat ik de liefde wil eren die ik heb mogen ervaren en delen en niet het verlies ervan. En omdat ik mijn liefde met zoveel mogelijk mensen hoop te delen. Ik wens iedereen een liefdevol 2016.

InterLadder (Interstellar spoiler alert)

Gisteren voor de 3e keer de film Interstellar gezien. Deze film blijft raken omdat deze film overtuigend en (misschien wel) wetenschappelijk aantoont wat de kracht van liefde is. Liefde heeft namelijk een dusdanige kracht en eeuwigheidswaarde dat ze verbindt door tijd, ruimte en zwaartekracht heen. Je zou bijna zeggen: liefde is een dimensie op zich. In de film culmineert de liefde tussen vader en dochter zich tot haar kinderkamertje en een horloge. Hun liefde komt tot ultieme uitdrukking wanneer de vader vanuit de 5e dimensie probeert te communiceren met zijn dochter op aarde (3e dimensie). Symbolisch gezien, strekt hij zijn hand uit om haar op te tillen naar een hoger plan. Maar de plek waar hij zich bevindt is ook weer gebouwd (door engelen? mensen?), dus hij wordt op zijn beurt ook weer opgetild. Dat deed mij denken aan dat prachtige beeld van Jacobs ladder. Maar niet als engelen die zielen van aarde naar de hemel en vice versa brengen. Maar als mensen / engelen in verschillende fasen van ontwikkeling, die zich buigen en anderen optrekken naar een hoger niveau. Zoals we dat hier op aarde ook doen. Wanneer we onze liefde tot uitdrukking brengen door anderen op te tillen.

Dancing through the divine conflict

The tarot card The World is also sometimes referred to as called the universal dancer. The major arcana of the tarot can be seen as a process of spiritual development which culminates at the tarot card The Universe. All qualities and opposites are reconciled in one harmonious yet ever changing dance. It is quite telling that the end result of a spiritual process is a Dance. This fluent mixture of opposites Jung calls ‘divine conflict’: “All opposites are of God, therefore man must bend to his burden; and in doing so he finds that God in his ‘oppositeness’ has taken possession of him, incarnated himself in him. Het becomes a vessel of divine conflict.” The presence of the dancer is made manifest, not through death of ego, but through a humanization of the archetypical self.