De tragische invocatie van Thé Lau’s ‘Open’

Voor mij gaat Thé Lau’s ‘Open’ over de mislukte invocatie van de maangodin om haar sluiers te openen en de zanger te ontvangen. Het lijkt te gaan over een man die zijn Dark night of the soul beleeft. Hij is op een dusdanig dieptepunt gekomen dat alcohol geen uitvlucht meer biedt en zijn vrienden hem niet meer kunnen helpen. Vanuit het diepst van zijn hart richt de hoofdpersoon zich omhoog naar boven. Maar ook al branden de lichten van de hemel, toch wacht zij af of de omstandigheden juist zijn. En helaas: er is teveel verlangen en te weinig tijd. De sluier blijft gesloten en de man blijft achter met een gevoel van onrecht. Hier is een mysterieuze zin: de lafaard krijgt nooit iets. Een waarheid als een koe. Maar deze man was niet laf: hij heeft zich vanuit de grond van zijn hart zich geopend naar de Godin. En toch heeft ze hem afgewezen. Volgens mij zit de ‘afwijzing’ niet in laf of durf, maar in onkunde. Het staat ook zo in de tekst: de hemel kijkt of er iets veranderd. De godin is in stasis tot de tijd rijp is voor haar terugkeer. Hierbij moet de intentie juist zijn. De sluiers van de hemel gaan niet aan de kant zolang men ‘Open’ schreeuwt met zelfmedelijden. De sluiers openen zich alleen wanneer men zijn ego overstijgt en zich opoffert aan de Godin. Bij de versie met Tom Barman bij het afscheidsconcert van Thé Lau in de HMH op 17 juni 2014 zie ik iets bijzonders gebeuren. De zaal schreeuwt zich schor met: ‘Open je voor mij’. Maar eigenlijk zongen ze: ‘Open je voor Thé’. En in mijn fantasie, bij dat concert, op dat moment, zag de Godin dat de tijd rijp was en maakte ze een plekje vrij voor Thé achter haar sluier.


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About how to distinguish a performance artist from a magician

Yesterday I read an article about Marina Abramovic who allegedly invited Clinton Campaign chairman John Podesta to an occult spirit cooking dinner. This story was the result of the leaked Hillary Clinton Email Archive proudly presented by Wikileaks.marina 1.png

The article was discussing this story as if they had uncovered a Satanist cult group which was intending to … do what? Although the article was highly suggestive, the purpose of this supper was not hinted to. The reader would have to fill the blanks himself. Obviously, one might assume that in these election times one might be inclined to make a pact with the devil, sell his soul in order to win the election, right?!

While reading this story I also began to question if Marina could indeed be a black magician. As a performance artist, she is purposefully investigating all the dark and rejected aspects of our soul. While doing this she is not shy at all of using occult symbolism. To me personally, I feel that she is doing a great job in bringing our rejected parts back into the light. I admire her mission and immense courage.

Curious, if she was indeed a black Thelematic magician, I searched the internet. Surprisingly enough, I was not able to find any conclusive confirmation that she actually was a Satanist!

And thus I had to figure it out for myself. And I came to ask myself the question: what actually is the difference between a performance artist and a magician? After some consideration I came to the following two criteria: intention and skill.

Let’s start with intention. Marina as a performance artist describes exactly what she does: she performs. Her main focus is on the outer form. By showing rejected images and symbolism from our subjected subconscious, she helps is to reintegrate our darker aspects into ourselves. And as a result, healing can arise. From an outer perspective, it might look like Marina is doing the same as a magician. But for a magician, the main focus lies in achieving a goal, rather than the display of outer form. Magic is the art of changing consciousness at will in order to achieve certain goals. Certainly, a magician uses certain outer forms (regalia, robes, etc.) but this is only secondary for what he actually tries to achieve.

The second criteria is skill. Let’s visualize Marina performing an open heart surgery on a living person. Although, it might look like she knows what she is doing, I am quite sure that after the operation the patient will be dead. And nobody in their right mind would be surprised of this: Marina does not have the many years of studying and training to perform such operations. She could be interested in them: yes. She could have read about open heart surgery: sure. But nonetheless she will not be able to bring the operation to a successful conclusion. The same goes for the magician. A magician in the Western Mystery tradition has many, many years of training. When he is initiated to a certain degree, he is only qualified to perform rituals up to this degree. A magician works mainly on the so-called astral planes. These are energies which cannot be seen with the untrained physical eye, but which can be felt by sensitive persons. He works with energies and forces which he is able to control completely. And similarly as an open heart surgery, a ritual is only a success when the goal of the ritual is achieved. Marina can make draw symbols with blood and sperm on a wall, but in the end the following matters: was she actually able to successfully raise certain energies in order to achieve a certain goal?

And this brings us back again to intention. If Marina is able to perform magic, what is the purpose of these rituals? Is this to banish poverty from Earth, to create a lovely soup or to generate bad health to someone? Magic based on the intention of the latter would be black magic. The other two examples can be considered to be white magic.

Based on the above, I do not believe that Marina is a Satanist. She is a very inspiring and talented performance artist, but she most likely lacks the skills to perform satanic rituals. Also, although she explores the darker sides of human nature, I do feel that she has a good intention.

Later in the day, a response from Marina was published where she stated that the allegations were complete nonsense. The spirit cooking ritual was actually a normal meal and John Podesta was not even present at the dinner. Interestingly enough, for this dinner Marina did make an outstanding traditional soup which did make her guests feel remarkably uplifted and reborn…

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Integrating the sacred and the profane

As above, so below. As sacred, so profane.
Sacrifice means to make sacred. This does not mean that you no longer can do certain things, but it means that the intention in which you do certain things changes. The challenge is to integrate the profane inside you with the sacred inside you. For example, you still can eat a burger at McDonalds. But if you pray before eating the burger, it becomes a lot more meaningful experience. As a result of making the profane sacred your behavior might change. So instead of eating a burger at McDonalds you might decide to start eating bio burgers. But in the process of sacrificing it is important to include all aspects of you as they are: your senses, feelings and thoughts. Only by seeing and accepting who you truly are, you can start the process of making yourself sacred. Next, you would investigate what aspects are integral parts of yourself and you will start by honoring them. Sexuality, for example, is then no longer a something profane (a sin or something dirty). Instead your sexuality becomes something sacred by making love or even praying (tantra). Only when your above is aligned with your below, then sacredness within yourself is achieved.

Yesterday I had this beautiful song in my head. No expectations. But for me with a different intention. Not in the sense of sorrow and loss. But in the sense of how sweet longing and desire can be when you let go of expectations. It is interesting to listen to the lyrics with the latter intention in mind.

the key for integrating spirituality in your daily life is intention. it does not matter what you do, but only the intention with which you do it matters. you can meditate 3 months in India, but if you do it to boost your ego, it is with the wrong intention. you can have a full time job in an office, but when each action you do is mindful, the intention is much better.

Intention of work

Where does meaning in work come from? It reminds me of the story of three people cutting stones. A man comes by and asks what they are doing. One man answers that he is earning his daily bread. The other that he is performing his trade. The last man answers that he is building a cathedral.

[this story is from the craftsmen from the orders which built the cathedral at Chartres. They were the crafsmen, the masons with special privileges (free). for this reason maybe they were called freemasons? I got it from the book ‘mysteries of chartres cathedral’ by Charpentier. 🙂 ]

Paradox of flow

Paradox of flow
In the past I thought that flow was connected to an outer manifestation of flow. I defined making a circel wth your arms as flow and going up and down with your arm as staccato. Now I realise that flow comes from within. It is the intention to which you move. You can make a circle with your arms being tense and you can make a staccato movement which looks sharp without tension. The Gurdjieff Movements are all about non-tension Movements. But in order to practise this they are filled with many staccato movements! Movements in flow, without tension, are non-mechanical movements. These are conscious movements by your Will. The Movements are physical, emotional and intelletual challenges in order to remain in flow and attentive in all circumstances which life can demand from us.

  • myth of sisyphus – would he be able to carry the rocks in flow and without effort?