This morning I woke up with Queen’s Breakthru in my head. I can remember when I was a child and I first saw it on tv. I loved it. Now, I looking back at the clip with spiritual glasses on, I love it even more! To me this is a typical Yod song and quite appropriate for the time of the year. It is about pure Force on a one-way track towards Wisdom. It is the seed on a quest for fertilization. Breaking everything on its path. Determined. With no right or left turns. This is pure Attraction. Yes, this song makes me smile indeed. 🙂

Measuring Ecstaticness of Dance

Since 3.5 months I am going to ecstatic dance with a heart rate belt on.
Ecstatic dance is a powerful energetic and spiritual dance. And my heart rate and calorie burn are my only means of knowing how deep or intense a dance has been.
So, after 3.5 months I had a look at the stats. Usually, I dance a bit under two hours (1.57) at a time. My average heart rate is 124 and my average burning of kcalc’s is 1361.
I have measured my progress of my condition by dividing my heart rate to my burned calories. The more calories I burn with a lower heart rate, the better my condition is. Thus the higher the HRC index, the better is my performance. My average HRC index is 10.91.

Kylo Ren – the unnecessary villain

This evening I watched Star Wars episode VII – The Force Awakens. –spoiler alert-
I was very much intrigued by Kylo Ren and more particular why he turned to the Dark Side. We know very little of how it came to pass. But we do know that he is the son of princess Leia and Han Solo. Also he received a Jedi training by Luke Skywalker. Then apparently something went amiss. He was turned to the Dark side by an evil figure called Snoke. In the movie, Kylo shows a huge admiration for his grandfather Darth Vader…
As an ‘evil’ character Kylo Ren is interesting in the sense that he can be a cold blooded killer, very hot headed but also very sensitive. He is very powerful, yet he loses the fight with the strong-willed but weak trained Rey. Like a teenager he has not yet learned to control his emotions.
How is this possible after being trained as a Jedi and not having suffered a trauma (that we know of) in his youth like Anakin?
I see two possible explanations. The first one is a depressing deterministic one: deep within himself Kylo is evil. No matter what teaching he would have had, Kylo would eventually turn to the Dark Side. This explanation would defeat the purpose of the battle for good and evil and thus cannot be true.
The second explanation would be Kylo’s upbringing. At first glance nothing much seems to be wrong here (that we know of). He has special and loving parents and his Jedi teacher Luke is also gifted and positive.
So how could evil Snoke find Kylo, and even persuade him to turn to the Dark Side?
My guess is: Kylo’s parents and Luke never told him of his dark inheritance: his grandfather Darth Vader. Just like with Anakin and Luke, the Jedi training consist of focusing on the good and there is no room for negative emotions. As Yoda put it: “Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.” And as a result fear is not addressed.

And thus Snoke was able to convince Kylo to turn to the Dark Side. That his loved ones lied to him about his illustrious grandfather Darth Vader and. Surely, a teenager like Kylo wants to go and find out who this intriguing Darth Vader is?!
The question is: would Kylo still have turned to the dark side when his loved ones would have taught him about Darth Vader and, more importantly, also about Anakin Skywalker?
I think not. I think that Kylo Ren turned to the Dark Side, because the Jedi were not able to learn from their mistake with Anakin. The tendency of the Jedi training to repress the negative instead of facing it and integrating it, eventually leads to the Dark Side.


‘The vengeance of hell boils in my heart;
Death and despair blaze around me!
If not by you[r intercession] Sarastro feels the pains of death,
Then you will be my daughter nevermore.

Outcast be forever,
Forsaken be forever,
Shattered be forever
All the bonds of nature

If not by you[r intercession] Sarastro turns pale [in death]!
Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye, gods of vengeance, hear the mother’s oath!

Ach, ich fühl¹s – Pamina¹s aria from Die Zauberflöte

Ach, ich fühl’s, es ist verschwunden, Ah, I feel it, it has disappeared
Ewig hin der Liebe Glück! Forever gone love¹s happiness!
Nimmer kommt ihr Wonnestunde Nevermore will come the hour of bliss
Meinem Herzen mehr zurück! Back to my heart!
Sieh’, Tamino, diese Tränen, See, Tamino, these tears,
Fließen, Trauter, dir allein! Flowing, beloved, for you alone!
Fühlst du nicht der Liebe Sehnen, If you don’t feel the longing of love
So wird Ruh’ im Tode sein!

Soll ich dich, Teurer, nicht mehr seh’n? – Die Zauberflote

Tamino mein, O welch ein Glück!


“Sprecher. (steht auf) Großer Sarastro, deine
weisheitsvollen Reden erkennen und bewundern wir;
allein, wird Tamino auch die harten Prüfungen, so
seiner warten, bekämpfen? — Verzeih, daß ich so
frey bin, dir meinen Zweifel zu eröfnen! mich
bangt es um den Jüngling. Wenn nun im Schmerz da-
hin gesunken sein Geist ihn verließe, und er dem
harten Kampfe unterläge. — Er ist Prinz! —

Sarastro. Noch mehr! — — Er ist Mensch!” Die Zauberflote

Pray yourself first

Love is all of Gods money. Pay yourself first! Start your day with a generous fat Love allowance for the day. Collect all your manna in the form of meditations, prayer or yoga. Then you will be able to generously share your love throughout the day. And when you run out of Love? Realise that Gods cash machines are all abound and collect all the additional manna that you need!