Music as a spiritual guide

“Go Slowly” – Radiohead

‘Go Slowly’ is an intriguing song by Radiohead. It is dreamy and almost depressing. And yet, it is hauntingly beautiful. How can this be?

In my opinion, Radiohead has done a lot for modern spirituality. It’s great achievement is that it dares to face issues such as pain, desolation, fear, etc. as we have them in our modern day society. Radiohead is not about escapism. The other achievement of Radiohead is that it expresses a Great Beauty. There is an otherworldly quality in its music.

This particular song is almost like a Christian hymn sung by a Catholic church boys’ choir.

The lyrics are remarkably simple and consist of two parts. The first part somebody is ‘patiently’ waiting for ‘something’ to come. The song seems to be about a search for meaning in life and about longing for home: (spiritual) homesickness. The second part is a realization: there is a way out. In this part, the music seems to take off and it gets an almost mystical quality.

This indicates that the way out is not to be found in our everyday consciousness. The answer itself is only to be guessed at. Is it death and heaven? Suicide? Or something else?

I think that this song is about the quest for integrating of spirituality in our daily life. At a certain moment in life you long for a deeper meaning and you go on a quest. This is the first part of the song. In the second part of the song he has found the answer. This answer is not escapism a la death or suicide. The true mystery of life is to integrate your spirituality into your daily life by being reborn on earth. When you are able to do this, depression makes way for optimism.

This is the answer of the paradox. The beauty of this song lies in the promise of rebirth.

Lyrics “Go Slowly”

Over here Come slowly Come slowly to me I’ve been waiting Patient Patiently I didn’t But now I can see That there’s a way out That there’s a way out That there’s a way out That there’s a way out That there’s a way out


Depression: blessing or curse? pt2

Very interesting. What we regard as an illness and try to suppress by means drugs, other cultures perceive this as a gift from the other world which needs to be nurtured.

What a Shaman Sees in A Mental Hospital

Depression: blessing or curse? pt1

dan tot slot, op deze 20e januari, meest depressieve dag van het jaar, moet me nog wat van het hart. in onze maatschappij is depressie een aandoening waar een taboe op rust en welke wordt onderschat. wanneer we onze donkere en gevoelige kanten meer zouden accepteren, zouden er minder mensen depressief zijn. juist in een periode van reflectie waar verdriet echt gevoeld wordt, ontspruit nieuwe inspiratie, passie, ideeën en kunst. zingeving in de breedste zin van het woord. dat zijn de zaden om in de herfst groots te kunnen oogsten.

The day before You came

ABBA’s haunting ‘The day before you came’ has always intrigued me. Far to mysterious to be just a love song. She sings ‘It’s funny, but I had no sense of living without aim, the day before You came’. Today I realised that I have had the same experience before I was Touched and started with my spiritual journey.