Vanavond dit prachtige boek verslonden. Twee mensen ontmoeten God op hun eigen manier en ervaren zijn wrede brute genadeloze oerkracht. Een Job-achtige bespiegeling van recht en onrecht, haat en liefde, geloof en ongeloof.
‘Perhaps one day He will let you lean your head agains His House. Perhaps not’


The Essence of Gurdjieff Movements

A parable:
There was a man who lived in the mountains. He knew nothing about those who lived in the city. He liked to move and he danced on happy hardcore.
One day he entered the city. They were dancing ecstatically on some funky tunes. He said, ‘What is this for?’
They said, ‘Ecstatic dance, to integrate the body with the heart!’
He joined the dance and it was very good. He said, ‘What is it made of?’
They said, ‘Movements.’
Later they showed him whirling on mesmerizing Sufi music. He said, ‘What is this for?’
They said, ‘Sufi whirling, for integrating the body, heart and spirit!’
He joined the dance and said, ‘What is this dance made of?’
They said, ‘Movements.’
Finally, they showed him Gurdjieff Movements on the beautiful music composed by De Hartmann.
He said, ‘What is this for?’
They said, ‘Gurdjieff Movements integrating the body, heart, mind and spirit!’
He said, ‘What is this dance made of?’
They said, ‘Movements.’
He said, ‘I am master of all of these, for I perform the essence of all these: movements!’
Because of that view, he knew nothing of the delights of the world; they were lost to him.

– Adapted from The Essence of Torah from the Zohar

Quid pro quo with the Devil for growth

In the movie Silence of the Lambs, Clarice tries to find a serial killer and for this she needs to negotiate with Hannibal Lector, one of the most dangerous serial killers alive. He might even be the Devil himself. She interrogates him a couple of times, but Hannibal only will only answer when Clarice tells him something about herself. The more essential Hannibal’s information becomes, the more intimate and painful Clarice’s story becomes.
This movie can be seen as a double initiation. Clarice is advancing at the FBI with help of her boss. This is the rational good guy, although his motives can be second guessed (is he sexually attracted to Clarice)? But at the same time, Hannibal also initiates Clarice on his way. This initiation is most exciting. Obviously Hannibal is the bad guy, but his intentions toward Clarice are good, almost fatherly. The only glimpses of human expressions on Hannibal’s face are when Clarice tells him about her childhood trauma.
For Clarice to truly solve this case, meaning her own transformation from a poor town girl into a strong and independent woman, she needs to get back in touch with her childhood trauma. Yes, innocent lambs are slaughtered every day and when you see this without your daddy to protect you, unable to free them, you will run as fast as your legs will carry you. But life is not about running. It is about confronting your fears and conquering them. This is what Clarice does when she ultimately kills Buffalo Bill in the dark. The kills her unconscious fear in the shape of the Cretan Minotaur. It is worth to be noted that this confrontation was only possible with the help of the ‘evil’ Hannibal and by reconnecting with her deepest fears.

Great Dictator

Net de Great Dictator van Chaplin gezien. Een weergaloze en tijdloze film uit 1940 (!) die waarschuwt voor de opkomst van Hitler. Door een speling van het lot wordt Hitler verwisseld door een Joodse kapper vlak nadat hij Osterlich is binnen gevallen. De kapper moet een overwinningsspeech houden en de Great Dictator is geboren. Hij houdt een speech vol passie voor liefde en gelijkwaardigheid. Niets minder dan een oproep voor vrede. De speech gaat door met een boodschap vol hoop voor zijn geliefde Hannah: de zon zal weer gaan schijnen en alles zal goed komen. Dit was in 1940. Helaas zouden er nog vele miljoenen mensen omkomen, ondanks deze prachtige roep om vrede van van Chaplin…