Lost passion at work

Interesting. Voor mij gaat het om passie en flow. Met een kantoorbaan als rationeel zittend beroep, is passie en flow lastig. Maar bij ambachten lijkt het me wel weer makkelijker om passie en flow te ervaren. In ieder geval wel fijn dat de mythe van passie voor je werk wat doorbroken wordt. Want bedrijven bedoelen met passie professioneel (= rationeel) vooral lange dagen maken. Daarbij is er geen plaats voor de echte passie van de dynamiek van het gevoelsleven. Daarvoor moeten mensen bij dans en vrijen zijn.



Passionate towards heavenly spheres

Pt.1 Passion is the sensitivity of the heart to let its string be gently touched by the heavenly spheres and to act according to their truth.

Pt.2 Passion as the aligning with the heavenly spheres. True change and development starts first and foremost with being honest with yourself. This necessarily means making mistakes. Does it mean that you can do whatever you want? No, you need to align yourself with the heavenly spheres. These energies will show you what has not yet been cleansed in yourself. As a result you behave ‘irrational’ and make ‘mistakes’. But from this experience you learn and develop yourself. It is like the tuning of a harp: the first false notes must be played in order to tune it. Pretending to be in key, while in fact you are not, is misleading yourself.

Controling your passions

And then it struck me: anger management is like ejaculation control. You can get exited as much as you like, as long as you do not go over the 70% threshhold. After this, no conscious control is possible and you will lose a lot of energy. But under the 70% treshhold, it is no problem at all. It is OK to be passionate and there is no need for repression. And best of all: you can go on as long as you like! 😉

About the Illuminati who want to who lift you up

Quite some people seem to have a bias against Illuminati, which I don’t quite understand.

On Facebook, every once in a while I read about stuff like the Rothshield’s owning half of the planet or Bilderberg conferences deciding on the future of the other half of the globe.

But the truth is: even if it were true, I cannot influence these things. I can only influence myself by becoming conscious and not let myself be driven by fear or sentiments.

And even more: when you take a closer look at the Illuminati, they are not so much about global structures trying to force us into some form of slavery or perform shady rituals for power. Illuminati means enlightened and refers to esoteric groups of people. The people in these groups are interested in esoteric knowledge and are trying to Know Themselves. Esoteric means hidden and it is about learning the subconscious rules and insights of yourself in order to become conscious and free. So there people are not trying to get power, but to become a better person.

Esoteric groups have a grades structure and these can be seen as a structured step by step process for personal development. A bit like courses at a University, but instead of learning for these courses you can only pass the grades (by means of initiation) when you develop yourself. I think it is safe to say that the structure of Universities are inspired by the mystery schools of the old. Initiation is quite a powerful and stable process for personal growth and is quite different from brainwashing. 🙂

In the last couple of years, quite some of these so-called secret societies are opening their doors to share their knowledge and are inviting people of all creeds (including women and different religions) to come in and join. See for example the Rosicrucian’s (www.rozenkruis.nl) who are giving courses for all outsiders to attend.

The claim that the Illuminati hide their secrets is no longer valid. There has never been a time in the history of mankind when esoteric information was more available than today. But, the challenge with esoteric knowledge is to know how to interpret them, as this knowledge is often multi interpretable. For a proper understanding you need a mentor or guru to guide you along your quest. Here esoteric groups can guide you through the labyrinth of your personal development.

For me, the symbol of the eye in the pyramid stands for those among us who have started their personal quest of enlightenment: their 3rd eye has been opened. Currently only a some are awake, but the goal is to have everyone conscious and free. In this sense, the Illuminati is not for the lucky few but for all of us. When more and more people have become conscious, as a consequence, these dreaded Rothshield’s and Bilderberg’s will have less power over us. And contrary to common opinion, there is a big group of Illuminati who are handing out bridges to help us become conscious and free.

Mu Mu land – Justified and Ancient Revolution

This morning I woke up with an early 90’s song in my head: Justified & Ancient (Mu Mu land) by KLF.
When the song came out I was about 12 years old. And although it wasn’t really my style of music (if I had any at the time), apparently it made an impression as this song arose from my subconscious some 25 years later.
Actually, when listening to the song again, I am quite amazed and impressed by it.
The music itself is a very interesting mix of rap, acid house, tribal, rock guitars and country influences by Tammy Wynette. The video depicts an Atlantis themed island with different on people multiple layers: yellow Illuminati with a pyramid with a ghetto blaster, black tribal dancers, red robed hooded men with a horn sticking out, and last but not least Tammy Wynette as an Atlantis mermaid queen on top surrounded by white Asian hand maidens.
But what is this Mu Mu land what they are singing about? Someone on Internet described Mu Mu land as follows:
‘Long before Atlantis, long before the beginning of known history, famous psychics have insisted a huge continent once existed in the Mid-Pacific Ocean. Some call it LEMURIA, others call it MU. Many of them believe this continent was the FATHERLAND OF ATLANTIS! And like Atlantis, MU exploded! She sank beneath the sea in a volcanic destruction, so powerful, and so total, it staggers the imagination! Mu is identified with LeMUria in the Illuminatus trilogy of Robert Anton Wilson and widely acclaimed as the promised land by many freemasons and discordians.’
Apparently this song was written as a criticism of the established music industry and KLF tried to generate a revolution to open up the music industry. They called Tammy Wynette as the first lady of conservative country music in Tennessee: please stand by the Jam or step aside!!
What intrigues me about this song is the idea that ancient illuminati would rise up to overthrow the current set of illuminati which are apparently not justified.
When listening to this song again, I did not expect to find such underlying revolutionary ideas. Also I am a bit surprised why this song comes to my mind at this moment. Apparently the ancients of Mu Mu are also asking me to join their Jam as well!

Humor – een serieuze zaak

Humor – een serieuze zaak

Denk aan de laatste keer dat je onbedaarlijk hebt gelachen. Waar ging dit over? Moest je schuddebuiken? Liepen de tranen over je wangen? Met wie was dit? En de laatste vraag: was dit lang geleden? Op veel datingsites staat ‘humor’ vermeld als een van de belangrijkste criteria. Logisch, want het leven is niet altijd even leuk of makkelijk, maar wanneer je erom kunt lachen, maakt dit het leven een stuk dragelijker en amusanter.

Maar wat doet humor nu precies? Humor is flow in het moment. Wat bedoel ik daarmee? Humor brengt die dingen in beweging die vast zitten in dan wel het verleden of de toekomst. Humor gaat vaak over taboes: humor bevrijdt die dingen uit onze onderwereld die niet gezegd mogen worden.
Op fysiek niveau is de ervaring van humor het loslaten en vrijkomen van spanning die we gedurende de dag opbouwen. Op emotioneel niveau maakt humor die dingen weer bespreekbaar welke te pijnlijk zijn om te bespreken. Wie heeft er ooit wel eens gehoopt op een goede grap tijdens een ziekenhuisbezoek? Humor denkt per definitie buiten hokjes en grenzen. En dit wordt lang niet altijd gewaardeerd. Alleen de nar aan het hof van de koning mocht de meest buitenzinnige voorstellen maken. Tot slot is humor ook spiritueel. Humor is tegelijkertijd een krachtig middel om onze illusies van alle dag te doorbreken en een anderzijds een zachte bril om de harde realiteit van het leven te kunnen inzien. In veel godsdiensten speelt humor een belangrijke rol. Interessant genoeg in het Christendom niet (zie film In the name of the rose). En werd in het Christendom niet al die heksen verbrandt? Fanatisme gedijt goed in een wereld zonder humor.

Kan humor nu ooit te ver gaan? Nee. Humor is simpelweg een spiegel. Een grap kan je raken of niet. Wanneer een grap je niet raakt, heb je kennelijk geen last van opgekropte spanning. Of simpelweg geen gevoel voor humor. Wanneer een grap je wel raakt, kun je op twee manieren reageren. Of je moet onbedaarlijk lachen om een grap of je voelt jezelf aangevallen door een grap. Jouw reactie op een grap zegt wat over jezelf. Wanneer je om een grap moet lachen, komt spanning in je wezen weer los en ben je in staat om weer in flow te komen. Dat geeft een opgelucht gevoel. Wanneer je niet om een grap kunt lachen, verkramp je juist. En dan worden dingen ineens doodserieus of bloedserieus.

Ik begrijp ook wel dat we nu in een fase zitten van sociale onrust en politieke correctheid. En dat mensen nu niet altijd om iedere grap zitten te wachten of overal om moeten lachen. Maar juist in tijden van verkramping en angst is humor nodig. Want humor houdt de dingen luchtig. Zonder humor ontstaat er afstand en worden dingen groter gemaakt dan dat ze eigenlijk zijn.

Dus om met de heks op de brandstapel in onderstaande cartoon te spreken: lighten up!

Integrating the shards

This week I was in London city trading centre for work purposes. When walking to the office I passed these two impressive towers, very closely located to each other. In the front you see the Southwark Cathedral and in the back you see the glass skyscraper The Shard. The Shard is the 4th biggest tower in the EU reaching over 300 meters. In my mind the Shard represents a decadent peak of materialism and wealth. The name ‘Shard’ for this tower feels correct to me as both a shard of glass and this tower seem to be disconnected from a bigger whole.

I had a similar feeling this week: amidst this much display of wealth, I felt a bit disconnected and somewhat a loss of purpose. With everybody around me being so concerned with work, success and money, I asked myself what the purpose of work is. Is it to make money, to belong to a social group and standard, or is there a sense of purpose?

I felt drawn towards the tower in front: the Southwark Cathedral. I was intrigued to find a cathedral amidst this busy work centre. Thursday morning, before work, I visited the cathedral. I hoped to get some relief from the disconnected feeling which I had. The cathedral felt like an oasis of tranquillity. Sitting in the back, I noticed that in the centre of the cathedral there were stars hanging (Christmas decoration for Three Kings). Looking at the star I noticed that a five pointed star actually consists of 5 shards combined. Then I realised why I had this disconnected feeling. The material world is only the outer representation of what is. Beyond physical reality there are the other three elements. And they all are combined and ensouled by the fifth element of ether. In the tarot the star symbolises the highest vision of hope and trust with the understanding of cosmic coherence.

For me the star represented the integrating potential of all which surrounds us. Yes we life in a material world, but the challenge is to include and align the other four elements in our life as well. This is what the symbol of the star in the Southwark Cathedral achieved this for me. I felt a bit as if I was falling to pieces, but in reality I was opening myself up again to a bigger understanding.